Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Christmas Tree

I was so happy when Pawl came home with a Christmas tree the other day that I rushed out and got tinsel and lights and then set to work getting my first ever tree up! We had to completely rearrange the living room, but it is so worth it!

I also have to mention we do not have a star or angel on our tree as, when Pawl lived by himself his son put one of his superhero toys on the top of the tree, and they havnt had their own tree to decorate in a few years, so I figured I would reignite the tradition, so this year we have superman on our tree! 

The tree itself cost £9.99 from B&M which is a total bargain if you ask me! Especially for a 6ft tree! 

I have gone into detail about my decorations in an earlier posts, most of the decorations came from Hobby Craft and B&M. Apart from the money box decoration below for Logan.

This was a lovely find that cost £2.99 and I think it is great that Logan has his own special decoration for the tree. It is something that he can keep for years. 

Some more of the Hobby Craft decorations :)

Here is the tree, the lights cost £9.99 again fro, B&M and there 180 lights, it has different settings too which I love as I can change how they look! 

In total, the tree, decorations lights and tinsel came to under £35. I think it is really great for our small budget as these things will be used for a long time. I see so many people stress about the cost of Christmas and to be honest I was shocked I could get all this at such a good price. I do envy people who can spend loads at this time but me and Pawl earn mimimum wage, and it only stretches so far! However I'm trying to show myself I can do Christmas on a budget! I will also be having serious budget friendly Christmas Gift Guides up soon! 

Lots of Love