Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My Beauty Blogger Confessions

Today I figured I would share some of my beauty and beauty blogger confessions! Lets start with beauty ones ^_^

1. I have never ever put on fake tan......ever..... I embrace my pale plus I am too scared of turning orange! 

2. I can not throw out my mascaras....I am a total addict and keep them as long as possible, some work even better now then they did when I first got them! 

3. I use face wipes to take off my makeup.... I still cleanse and stuff afterwards but I mean everyone seemed to use them, then everyone got a clarisonic (which just looks like too much money if Im honest) and now everyone stresses how bad it is! Im sorry but I still wash my face properly so if I want a quick easy way to take off my makeup I sure as hell am busting out the face wipes! 

4. I hate washing my makeup brushes, to the point that I have got another set because I couldn't be bothered to wash them....I just suggest washing them really, it is cheaper! 

5. If I am lazy I use my fingers for foundation and for eyeshadows! Mostly this is also due to never having clean brushes.....I blame myself.....

6. I am terrible at using products up, I generally break, or loose something before I use it up.

7. I rub my eyes far too often and harshly, I notice my wrinkles more because of this!

Now for my blogging confessions. 

1. I get too excited and use new products before getting photographs and then I feel like I cant blog about it, for example my new lip butter in raspberry pie I think it is, I got it put it on then dropped it on a table and now it is ruined! But for anyone wondering, it is an amazing colour ^_^

2. Sometimes I can really not be bothered! I have all the intention in the world to spend the day blogging and then, somehow, I am in my onsie four hours have passed and Im still laughing too much at this picture.....
and then secretly wishing I was a cat, because a cats life is so easy....

3. I get blog envy so bad, especially when someone doing it for less time has more followers and more interaction and just seems so much better then me.....but it then quickly turns to hate when they go 'oh I only have so many followers help me get to this point' and I get all angry inside!! 

4. It is hard work, so many people make it look effortless and easy, but it is not at is hard work especially when you have a full time job! 

5. I don't plan as much as I should. I have 4 videos filmed, loads of pictures but no plan of them ever going up, some of them were halloween related so no use for them now! I need a planner....a big wall planner and put things on it, and then follow it! 

What are your beauty or blogger confessions? 

Lots of Love