Sunday, 17 November 2013

Life Lessons

I recently read this post from Cat over on cheshire cat. It was really great to see things she has learnt in her 23 years! And it really inspired me to do my own, I turn 25 next year so I wonder what my 24 and a bit years have taught me! 

1. Like what you want and don't feel ashamed by it! 
It took me a really long time to figure that one out, I have always tried to like what others like in an attempt to be liked myself, it doesn't work and people like you for who you are, weird tastes and all that jazz. 

2. Its ok to not know what you want in life.
I never knew from a young age what I wanted to be, I don't even know now, I just go along with my jobs doing the best I can and seeing where they take me! Because of that I am not in a specialised job I don't earn a lot of money, but guess what? Who cares I don't! 

3. Its ok to say something is not for you, as long as you give it a go! 
This kind of goes hand in hand with point 2, I was always told what a great teacher I would make, I even went to uni for three years planning to be a teacher, but you know what I hated it! Even when other teachers praised me telling me how good I took to it, I knew it wasn't   for me, but at least I tried it, I know uni wasn't for me either I left with no degree, but you know what I gave it a shot and Im proud of myself for it, I learnt a lot more in life by trying something and finding I didn't like it, now I just need to find what I do like!! 

4. Cereal is good any time of the day! 
Speaks for itself really, because it is so true....and adding on that its perfectly ok to eat children's breakfast at 24.

5. Don't let people judge you unfairly. 
I struggle with this one still take for example the last few months, I made a really tough decision in my life and I know it was the right one, I haven't written about it on here because people are so judgemental but, whatever they say I know the reasons I did it, and I know it was the right decision for me. I could try better to remember that sometimes. 

6. Disney dvd's and a pj day are sometimes the best medicine. 
I have days where I want to forget everything, and out come the little mermaid, Lady and the tramp, the jungle book, dumbo, everything I just sit on the sofa watch them and forget about everything! Its good to have ways to distract your brain from going into over drive! 

7. Life costs a lot of money! 
Who knew right? When I was little I couldn't wait to grow up, I wanted a house, I wanted to spend all day at home and be rich, I wanted to buy things.... Its hard work, I earn £6.34 an hour not great and my partner earns £6.31 so by the time the bills are paid, the rent is paid, the food is brought, there really isn't a lot left, it leads to arguments all the time but, it is our life and I really wouldn't have it any other way! 

8. Enjoy the simple things
There is nothing I like better then spending a night with my main man Pawl its even better when his son is here, but we cherish everything we do together because its those things we will look back on and say 'those are the best things' not whether we had money to spare or went on expensive holidays! 

9. Never let people stop you doing what you want.
I get there are rules in place but if you really really want something don't let anyone stand in your way, I think a simple way to show this is my hair I love to colour it, but in my job there are rules and I am not really supposed to, but whenever I am challenged about it which isn't very often now, I always maintain my job is not my life, and if, I want colourful hair, I am damn straight having colourful hair! The same goes for anything, why let someone else's views stop you doing what you want?  Want a new job? Don't let anyone tell you, you can't do that!  I delighted in leaving my last job and having people tell me I couldn't do the job I do now! Well I even manage there on occasion so I think I am doing something right! 

10. Always do your best.
You can not ask for any better, and you can not do any better then your best. 

11. Find the things that make you smile. And fill your life with them, 
Family, friends, pets, significant others, a Bruce Willis record waiting to be framed and hung in your house? Find the things that make you smile and make your life a happier place! And yes I do own a Bruce Willis record, and it is waiting to be hung! 

I think my most important lesson I have learnt is to talk to other people and be honest, there are times in my life when I kept things away from everyone especially my family (debt, near eviction, extreme sadness) but they always know what to say to help, and while a lot of that is behind me, new challenges are thrown at me everyday, and by talking about then, you can cope, and begin to rebuild your life. No matter what is thrown at you, as long as you have the right people around you can overcome a lot of troubles. 

P.S It is ok at 24 to still have a childhood teddy bear that you hug when things get tough! 

What are your life lessons? Or things you have learnt? 

Lots of Love