Sunday, 24 November 2013

It Looks Like Cristmas

I am totally getting into the festive spirit! I do not really have the biggest budget in the world for Christmas so my Christmas posts will mostly be all about budget finds, and making your money stretch as far as it can! These are the decorations I have for the tree so far, some lovely cheap baubles at 99p a pack (thankyou B&M) and the rest of the goodies are from hobby craft. It was all on 3 for 2 so I am really excited to tell you about those bargains! I have to say if you are looking to spread your money really check out B&M I will be getting my tree from there any time soon (after the 27th when I am paid) and a 6ft artificial tree will only cost you £10. I will get the photo of the tree up as well as the lights and tinsel I will be buying at the same time! I should then be able to show you the final decorated tree!! Im so excited!!

Im going to go into detail about the hobby craft goodies because I was really impressed with them. 

These jingle bells come in a tube of 12. You could either get the gold and silver like me or theres a red and white version too.  They cost £3 and are a complete bargain! 

The felt stars and hearts come in a pack of 6, so you get 3 of each design. I just think they were really sweet and while most of the things I got were quite small these will fill up the Christmas tree a little bit! These were also £3. 

Oh now these little reindeer were the cutest thing I had ever seen, they come in a small wooden box container and just look so sweet, and nordic, and Christmassy! I love them!! There are 12 of these so 6 of each colour. Again these were £3.

I can not believe that all the decorations came to less then, £8. The bargain part was picking out the bits in hobby craft, I know alot of people probably would not go there for decorations thinking they may be more expensive because most of the stuff is in there but there are really some lovely pieces for very little money and the 3 for 2 makes it even easier to get hold of nice quality items that will last you a long time.

Lots of Love