Friday, 29 November 2013

Crafty Creative Box

I love to craft, Ive been making cards for around 3 years or so, along with scrapbooking. I also recently branched out into trying to make bracelets and necklaces and stuff! I am currently working on a head piece but it is ever so difficult!!!

I discorvered crafty creatives and their aptly named CCbox around 3 months ago! IT works on the same principle as a beauty box and you get a lovely surprise every month!!

Each box comes with its own theme. This months theme is Medieval.

Every box comes with an art card, which has all information about the artist and on the reverse it has a list of stuff that is inside the box! There is also a kit in every box, the kit is for a beaded bracelet that looks rather complicated but I will post up a picture when I finish it!

 You get two filgree pattern toppers, which I will most likely use on cards, theres some shield charms, some crown charms, all the things you need to make the bracelet (gold beads, green seed beads and the bead thread) theres also some lovely red glass beads. Some washi tape, I love washi tap it is basically a thin tape with beautiful patterns on that can be used to edge cards, make flowers and a whole host of other good stuff!!
 Theres some silver fabric paint, tiny gold fleur de lis charms which I think will look beautiful with the red beads. Some green gold fibers which can be ironed over (while held between paper) and they melt and fuse together. I think these will look great for some christmas cards again I will show you the finished products!! I may have to make crafting posts a regular thing!
You also get some fabric and two reversible craft papers. There was also supposed to be a velvet ribbon which wasnt in the box beause there was trouble with the suppliers so it will be coming soon!

I hope you guys like the box and you can purchase them out here.

Lots of Love