Thursday, 7 November 2013

Changes on Youtube

Ooooooh so many people do not like change, especially this one that rolled out on youtube yesterday I believe. The comments section has changed to intergrate google+ a comment function I currently use on my blog. 

Now youtube is owned by google and they are continually intergrating google+ into everything they own! Which is all fine and dandy by me and nothing anyone can say is really going to change it. Google want google+ to be better then facebook because google (in my eyes) owns the interwebs obviously!  

There are many reasons to love this new google+ feature if you properly intergrate everything! Firsty it will be a lot harder to be anonymous on youtube, all those faceless names and no info on them other then the account is used to spread hate comments, well all youtube with google+ attached to it (like mine) is then linked to my real google+ as they share the same email. So if i was the kind of person to spread hate comments everyone I knew would find out pretty soon what a bitch I was. Luckily I dont and have only nice things to say! So yay! You can also personalise this further so you can only allow comments from certain people or block comments with certain names in, I think this is going to put an end to most trolls on youtube apart from the really dedicated. 

The new commenting system also allows you to converse on different levels, and sort all your comments in an easier way, as with the usual top comments, theres now sort by new comments, you can auto approve comments from certain google circles, it seems to be really exciting to me. Using it on my blog I do already notice an increase in traffic when people comment and it goes on their google feed then your blog/youtube has the potential to reach new people. 

But with change there are problems, the system is still being rolled out and the old commenting system is still on some videos, also at the moment there appears to be problem replying to comments whether that is a bug or because people earlier on in the year opted not to integrate google+ Im not 100% sure, but I dont think you can reply to people who have not got google+ accounts linked yet. As with everything we will just have to learn to live with it, because no matter how many people protest until a different site pops up we will all be using youtube, because lets face it, I dont see many of us leaving our youtube hobbies because of this! 

I just thought I would point out a few of the good things this comment section could bring rather then focusing on the bad! 

Hope you have a nice day! 

Lots of Love

P.s you can also go back and edit your comments.....good bye typos of which I am sure there is alot in here......