Saturday, 9 November 2013

24 hours and Google+ comments!

Isnt it amazing what you can learn in 24 hours?! I thought I would expand on my post from yesterday about the youtube upgrade to google+ commenting.

1. You have to be connected to google+ to comment on yotube now, this can be done by linking a google+ page or google+ account.
This great video from Hank Green, explains it better then I ever could.
once you have watched this one, his video on the new commenting styem is a must watch too, I always head to hank greens channel whenever there is an upgrade to youtube, it helps me understand alot better!

2. You need to make your comments visible on your google+ for other people to comment back just leave the button that says share on google+ ticked,(or so I have been told on forums) you may also need to follow people in your circles to comment back. Im not 100% sure on this because currently my blog will not allow me to reply to certain people but I can write @ followed by their names to tag them directly in a comment I leave. So I can still reply personally without hitting that reply button!!

3. You can not reply to comments made before the switch over, I have no idea why google could not fix this, maybe they didnt try hard enough, but you just cant do it! Sorry guys!

4. There are two ways to sort you comments, the default 'top comments' and if you click that button there is an option for 'new comments'. 'Top comments' are decided on how tey relate to you in your google+ cirlces, the interaction with the comment and the google+reach of the commenter. The odd thing about this option is that it looks different for everyone! I like the new comments option better, but there is no way to have this as a default option yet.

5. Comments turn into conversations! This is exciting you can directly keep tabs on who is commenting and then what is turning into conversations, if you look at more established youtubers you can see this in action, it looks pretty cool if you ask me!

6. You may or may not recieve emails based on your settings, but you can see all comments on your youtube/blog/google+ comments on google+. It seems really confusing but I have seen it in action on my own blog.
Person 1 commented on one of my blog posts and it was then shared on their google+ feed.
Other people then commented on person 1's comment which also went into my blogger comments section and my google+ feed.
I can interact and follow the conversation using either platform (blogger or google+) The same should work for youtube. In my understanding it allows more outreach for your blogs and youtube.

7. I dont get nearly enough comments to try this out yet, but you can moderate the comments alot better, you can block certain people, block comments by certain words (minimising hate comments) and the whole system meaning you have to connect with google+ stops the majority of haters who want to remain anomynous, because you no longer can, your email/profile is forever linked and shared!

8. You can EDIT comments, actually edit them, when you have a typo and you look like an idiot, you can change it!!

9. If you delete your comment that has started a conversation that whole conversation dissappears :(

10. Play around to see how commenting on youtube videos or blogs is being shared on your google+ personally for me, not enough of my friends or family use or even know about google+ it is filled with my online presence and friends I have made on blogger and youtube so sharing all this is not a problem for me, but you may need to find a way for it to work with you.

I have seen many people saying they hate this new system, they are leaving youtube because of it, blah blah blah but I do have to say face facts, that google implemented it and you can not overthrow google, not even the content makers!! You are just going to have to play about and learn how to use it! I for one am finding the system much better, it looks better on my youtube app on my phone and my Ipad, I also really like the google+ app, it has made using google+ alot easier for me. It is about learning and growing with the changes, I mean how many times do we say we hate the facebook changes, yet we mostly all still use it!! I for one am very happy to see a commenting system that enables me to control who posts, because no one likes those hate comments (especially ones that say jump off a cliff o_O) and being able to moderate it all makes me feel alot better!!

I hope some of this helps you to understand google+ commenting, especially on youtube!

Lots of Love