Friday, 29 November 2013

Crafty Creative Box

I love to craft, Ive been making cards for around 3 years or so, along with scrapbooking. I also recently branched out into trying to make bracelets and necklaces and stuff! I am currently working on a head piece but it is ever so difficult!!!

I discorvered crafty creatives and their aptly named CCbox around 3 months ago! IT works on the same principle as a beauty box and you get a lovely surprise every month!!

Each box comes with its own theme. This months theme is Medieval.

Every box comes with an art card, which has all information about the artist and on the reverse it has a list of stuff that is inside the box! There is also a kit in every box, the kit is for a beaded bracelet that looks rather complicated but I will post up a picture when I finish it!

 You get two filgree pattern toppers, which I will most likely use on cards, theres some shield charms, some crown charms, all the things you need to make the bracelet (gold beads, green seed beads and the bead thread) theres also some lovely red glass beads. Some washi tape, I love washi tap it is basically a thin tape with beautiful patterns on that can be used to edge cards, make flowers and a whole host of other good stuff!!
 Theres some silver fabric paint, tiny gold fleur de lis charms which I think will look beautiful with the red beads. Some green gold fibers which can be ironed over (while held between paper) and they melt and fuse together. I think these will look great for some christmas cards again I will show you the finished products!! I may have to make crafting posts a regular thing!
You also get some fabric and two reversible craft papers. There was also supposed to be a velvet ribbon which wasnt in the box beause there was trouble with the suppliers so it will be coming soon!

I hope you guys like the box and you can purchase them out here.

Lots of Love



Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Christmas Tree

I was so happy when Pawl came home with a Christmas tree the other day that I rushed out and got tinsel and lights and then set to work getting my first ever tree up! We had to completely rearrange the living room, but it is so worth it!

I also have to mention we do not have a star or angel on our tree as, when Pawl lived by himself his son put one of his superhero toys on the top of the tree, and they havnt had their own tree to decorate in a few years, so I figured I would reignite the tradition, so this year we have superman on our tree! 

The tree itself cost £9.99 from B&M which is a total bargain if you ask me! Especially for a 6ft tree! 

I have gone into detail about my decorations in an earlier posts, most of the decorations came from Hobby Craft and B&M. Apart from the money box decoration below for Logan.

This was a lovely find that cost £2.99 and I think it is great that Logan has his own special decoration for the tree. It is something that he can keep for years. 

Some more of the Hobby Craft decorations :)

Here is the tree, the lights cost £9.99 again fro, B&M and there 180 lights, it has different settings too which I love as I can change how they look! 

In total, the tree, decorations lights and tinsel came to under £35. I think it is really great for our small budget as these things will be used for a long time. I see so many people stress about the cost of Christmas and to be honest I was shocked I could get all this at such a good price. I do envy people who can spend loads at this time but me and Pawl earn mimimum wage, and it only stretches so far! However I'm trying to show myself I can do Christmas on a budget! I will also be having serious budget friendly Christmas Gift Guides up soon! 

Lots of Love

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Late OOTD 25/11/13

I am late putting this post up because my lovely other half Pawl came home after work with a beautiful new Christmas tree, which I then just had to go out get the lights and tinsel and decorate it!! So my blog was totally cast aside!!

However I would sill like to share what I was wearing! I actually really liked it. I decided to bust out my studded collar shirt and use it under a top just to add a bit of something else to the otherwise boring outfit.
I would first like to say what the hell happened to the white balance on my camera!! My walls look more creamy coloured then they really are and my door looks off white!! Oh well

 I usually do not wear this grey top by itself unless I tuck it into something because it is rather boxy and unflattering shape however I really like the lace back on it. Which you can just see in the picture below. The back is slightly longer at the back which can look a bit odd when caught at the wrong angle, like below!! I also think that the collar looks pretty good sticking out of the top!

 I teamed it all with black skinny jeans and I think it looks great all together. I also had on some pretty hefty makeup while experimenting with some party season looks, so smokey strong eyes and red lips! However due to the lovely way my camera was playing yesterday, you cant really tell!!
I hope you are all good and having a nice day, and that you noticed the new blog design and like it! I think it looks much cleaner and impressive I like it.

Lots of Love



Sunday, 24 November 2013

It Looks Like Cristmas

I am totally getting into the festive spirit! I do not really have the biggest budget in the world for Christmas so my Christmas posts will mostly be all about budget finds, and making your money stretch as far as it can! These are the decorations I have for the tree so far, some lovely cheap baubles at 99p a pack (thankyou B&M) and the rest of the goodies are from hobby craft. It was all on 3 for 2 so I am really excited to tell you about those bargains! I have to say if you are looking to spread your money really check out B&M I will be getting my tree from there any time soon (after the 27th when I am paid) and a 6ft artificial tree will only cost you £10. I will get the photo of the tree up as well as the lights and tinsel I will be buying at the same time! I should then be able to show you the final decorated tree!! Im so excited!!

Im going to go into detail about the hobby craft goodies because I was really impressed with them. 

These jingle bells come in a tube of 12. You could either get the gold and silver like me or theres a red and white version too.  They cost £3 and are a complete bargain! 

The felt stars and hearts come in a pack of 6, so you get 3 of each design. I just think they were really sweet and while most of the things I got were quite small these will fill up the Christmas tree a little bit! These were also £3. 

Oh now these little reindeer were the cutest thing I had ever seen, they come in a small wooden box container and just look so sweet, and nordic, and Christmassy! I love them!! There are 12 of these so 6 of each colour. Again these were £3.

I can not believe that all the decorations came to less then, £8. The bargain part was picking out the bits in hobby craft, I know alot of people probably would not go there for decorations thinking they may be more expensive because most of the stuff is in there but there are really some lovely pieces for very little money and the 3 for 2 makes it even easier to get hold of nice quality items that will last you a long time.

Lots of Love 



Saturday, 23 November 2013

How Much Does My Face Cost 23/11/13

I am putting todays date on this even when I have no make up on today! I havnt been around for a while it was my nans funeral on thursday so Im now just working through the posts I planned and didnt get round to doing!

I wore something very similar to this for the funeral. But I think this was taken before then. Products Used Foundation - Revlon Colourstay - Ivory - £12.49 Mascara - Rimmel Lash Accelerator - £7.99 Blush - Natural Collection Peach Melba - £1.99 Lips - Rimmel Kate Moss 107 - £5.49 Total Cost - £26.96 This is a super affordable face. I just didnt bother with a full face! Lots of Love x

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Life Lessons

I recently read this post from Cat over on cheshire cat. It was really great to see things she has learnt in her 23 years! And it really inspired me to do my own, I turn 25 next year so I wonder what my 24 and a bit years have taught me! 

1. Like what you want and don't feel ashamed by it! 
It took me a really long time to figure that one out, I have always tried to like what others like in an attempt to be liked myself, it doesn't work and people like you for who you are, weird tastes and all that jazz. 

2. Its ok to not know what you want in life.
I never knew from a young age what I wanted to be, I don't even know now, I just go along with my jobs doing the best I can and seeing where they take me! Because of that I am not in a specialised job I don't earn a lot of money, but guess what? Who cares I don't! 

3. Its ok to say something is not for you, as long as you give it a go! 
This kind of goes hand in hand with point 2, I was always told what a great teacher I would make, I even went to uni for three years planning to be a teacher, but you know what I hated it! Even when other teachers praised me telling me how good I took to it, I knew it wasn't   for me, but at least I tried it, I know uni wasn't for me either I left with no degree, but you know what I gave it a shot and Im proud of myself for it, I learnt a lot more in life by trying something and finding I didn't like it, now I just need to find what I do like!! 

4. Cereal is good any time of the day! 
Speaks for itself really, because it is so true....and adding on that its perfectly ok to eat children's breakfast at 24.

5. Don't let people judge you unfairly. 
I struggle with this one still take for example the last few months, I made a really tough decision in my life and I know it was the right one, I haven't written about it on here because people are so judgemental but, whatever they say I know the reasons I did it, and I know it was the right decision for me. I could try better to remember that sometimes. 

6. Disney dvd's and a pj day are sometimes the best medicine. 
I have days where I want to forget everything, and out come the little mermaid, Lady and the tramp, the jungle book, dumbo, everything I just sit on the sofa watch them and forget about everything! Its good to have ways to distract your brain from going into over drive! 

7. Life costs a lot of money! 
Who knew right? When I was little I couldn't wait to grow up, I wanted a house, I wanted to spend all day at home and be rich, I wanted to buy things.... Its hard work, I earn £6.34 an hour not great and my partner earns £6.31 so by the time the bills are paid, the rent is paid, the food is brought, there really isn't a lot left, it leads to arguments all the time but, it is our life and I really wouldn't have it any other way! 

8. Enjoy the simple things
There is nothing I like better then spending a night with my main man Pawl its even better when his son is here, but we cherish everything we do together because its those things we will look back on and say 'those are the best things' not whether we had money to spare or went on expensive holidays! 

9. Never let people stop you doing what you want.
I get there are rules in place but if you really really want something don't let anyone stand in your way, I think a simple way to show this is my hair I love to colour it, but in my job there are rules and I am not really supposed to, but whenever I am challenged about it which isn't very often now, I always maintain my job is not my life, and if, I want colourful hair, I am damn straight having colourful hair! The same goes for anything, why let someone else's views stop you doing what you want?  Want a new job? Don't let anyone tell you, you can't do that!  I delighted in leaving my last job and having people tell me I couldn't do the job I do now! Well I even manage there on occasion so I think I am doing something right! 

10. Always do your best.
You can not ask for any better, and you can not do any better then your best. 

11. Find the things that make you smile. And fill your life with them, 
Family, friends, pets, significant others, a Bruce Willis record waiting to be framed and hung in your house? Find the things that make you smile and make your life a happier place! And yes I do own a Bruce Willis record, and it is waiting to be hung! 

I think my most important lesson I have learnt is to talk to other people and be honest, there are times in my life when I kept things away from everyone especially my family (debt, near eviction, extreme sadness) but they always know what to say to help, and while a lot of that is behind me, new challenges are thrown at me everyday, and by talking about then, you can cope, and begin to rebuild your life. No matter what is thrown at you, as long as you have the right people around you can overcome a lot of troubles. 

P.S It is ok at 24 to still have a childhood teddy bear that you hug when things get tough! 

What are your life lessons? Or things you have learnt? 

Lots of Love


Saturday, 9 November 2013

24 hours and Google+ comments!

Isnt it amazing what you can learn in 24 hours?! I thought I would expand on my post from yesterday about the youtube upgrade to google+ commenting.

1. You have to be connected to google+ to comment on yotube now, this can be done by linking a google+ page or google+ account.
This great video from Hank Green, explains it better then I ever could.
once you have watched this one, his video on the new commenting styem is a must watch too, I always head to hank greens channel whenever there is an upgrade to youtube, it helps me understand alot better!

2. You need to make your comments visible on your google+ for other people to comment back just leave the button that says share on google+ ticked,(or so I have been told on forums) you may also need to follow people in your circles to comment back. Im not 100% sure on this because currently my blog will not allow me to reply to certain people but I can write @ followed by their names to tag them directly in a comment I leave. So I can still reply personally without hitting that reply button!!

3. You can not reply to comments made before the switch over, I have no idea why google could not fix this, maybe they didnt try hard enough, but you just cant do it! Sorry guys!

4. There are two ways to sort you comments, the default 'top comments' and if you click that button there is an option for 'new comments'. 'Top comments' are decided on how tey relate to you in your google+ cirlces, the interaction with the comment and the google+reach of the commenter. The odd thing about this option is that it looks different for everyone! I like the new comments option better, but there is no way to have this as a default option yet.

5. Comments turn into conversations! This is exciting you can directly keep tabs on who is commenting and then what is turning into conversations, if you look at more established youtubers you can see this in action, it looks pretty cool if you ask me!

6. You may or may not recieve emails based on your settings, but you can see all comments on your youtube/blog/google+ comments on google+. It seems really confusing but I have seen it in action on my own blog.
Person 1 commented on one of my blog posts and it was then shared on their google+ feed.
Other people then commented on person 1's comment which also went into my blogger comments section and my google+ feed.
I can interact and follow the conversation using either platform (blogger or google+) The same should work for youtube. In my understanding it allows more outreach for your blogs and youtube.

7. I dont get nearly enough comments to try this out yet, but you can moderate the comments alot better, you can block certain people, block comments by certain words (minimising hate comments) and the whole system meaning you have to connect with google+ stops the majority of haters who want to remain anomynous, because you no longer can, your email/profile is forever linked and shared!

8. You can EDIT comments, actually edit them, when you have a typo and you look like an idiot, you can change it!!

9. If you delete your comment that has started a conversation that whole conversation dissappears :(

10. Play around to see how commenting on youtube videos or blogs is being shared on your google+ personally for me, not enough of my friends or family use or even know about google+ it is filled with my online presence and friends I have made on blogger and youtube so sharing all this is not a problem for me, but you may need to find a way for it to work with you.

I have seen many people saying they hate this new system, they are leaving youtube because of it, blah blah blah but I do have to say face facts, that google implemented it and you can not overthrow google, not even the content makers!! You are just going to have to play about and learn how to use it! I for one am finding the system much better, it looks better on my youtube app on my phone and my Ipad, I also really like the google+ app, it has made using google+ alot easier for me. It is about learning and growing with the changes, I mean how many times do we say we hate the facebook changes, yet we mostly all still use it!! I for one am very happy to see a commenting system that enables me to control who posts, because no one likes those hate comments (especially ones that say jump off a cliff o_O) and being able to moderate it all makes me feel alot better!!

I hope some of this helps you to understand google+ commenting, especially on youtube!

Lots of Love


Friday, 8 November 2013

Black Nails

I have always loved the look of black nails but previous purchases have just never looked good. They either dont apply nice or dont have good colour pay off. So you can imagine my excitement at gettingthe black nails inc polish in glamour. I paired it with a gold frm barry m with black and white confetti also from barry m. I really like it!

lots of love


Thursday, 7 November 2013

Changes on Youtube

Ooooooh so many people do not like change, especially this one that rolled out on youtube yesterday I believe. The comments section has changed to intergrate google+ a comment function I currently use on my blog. 

Now youtube is owned by google and they are continually intergrating google+ into everything they own! Which is all fine and dandy by me and nothing anyone can say is really going to change it. Google want google+ to be better then facebook because google (in my eyes) owns the interwebs obviously!  

There are many reasons to love this new google+ feature if you properly intergrate everything! Firsty it will be a lot harder to be anonymous on youtube, all those faceless names and no info on them other then the account is used to spread hate comments, well all youtube with google+ attached to it (like mine) is then linked to my real google+ as they share the same email. So if i was the kind of person to spread hate comments everyone I knew would find out pretty soon what a bitch I was. Luckily I dont and have only nice things to say! So yay! You can also personalise this further so you can only allow comments from certain people or block comments with certain names in, I think this is going to put an end to most trolls on youtube apart from the really dedicated. 

The new commenting system also allows you to converse on different levels, and sort all your comments in an easier way, as with the usual top comments, theres now sort by new comments, you can auto approve comments from certain google circles, it seems to be really exciting to me. Using it on my blog I do already notice an increase in traffic when people comment and it goes on their google feed then your blog/youtube has the potential to reach new people. 

But with change there are problems, the system is still being rolled out and the old commenting system is still on some videos, also at the moment there appears to be problem replying to comments whether that is a bug or because people earlier on in the year opted not to integrate google+ Im not 100% sure, but I dont think you can reply to people who have not got google+ accounts linked yet. As with everything we will just have to learn to live with it, because no matter how many people protest until a different site pops up we will all be using youtube, because lets face it, I dont see many of us leaving our youtube hobbies because of this! 

I just thought I would point out a few of the good things this comment section could bring rather then focusing on the bad! 

Hope you have a nice day! 

Lots of Love

P.s you can also go back and edit your comments.....good bye typos of which I am sure there is alot in here......

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer - Review

Today I am reveiwing the Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer. The concealer really intrgued me. Not because of the name I dont know what they were thinking there, I mean Phwoarr Paint! It sounds like a joke name. However the concealer inside looked like it had alot of promise.

I liked the look of this because it looked alot like the salmon toned cream concealer by bobbi brown. I got this concealer in the shade fair and it is a pretty good match. Theres a nice sized mirror which is really handy for on the go touchups. The concealer itself is really creamy and is high coverage. Something you expect when it is marketed as heavy duty concealer. My first impression was great it is really easy to get the product out (unlike my erase paste from benefit) I only need to dab my finger in the product and then blend under my eyes to conceal all those dark circles. The salmon tones in the concealer helps to cover the blue tone of my under eye bags. It blends well and is hardly noticeable. I find this great for covering but I do sometimes apply a more brightening concealder in my inner corners of my eyes to really brighten them up.
This also works pretty well on spots however it is not so great on dry skin. This can settle in my fine lines but everything does this to me lately! The joys of getting older! But at £5.49 I think it is it performs as well as products that cost twice as much! Have you tried the seventeen phwoarr paint yet? lots of love x

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My Beauty Blogger Confessions

Today I figured I would share some of my beauty and beauty blogger confessions! Lets start with beauty ones ^_^

1. I have never ever put on fake tan......ever..... I embrace my pale plus I am too scared of turning orange! 

2. I can not throw out my mascaras....I am a total addict and keep them as long as possible, some work even better now then they did when I first got them! 

3. I use face wipes to take off my makeup.... I still cleanse and stuff afterwards but I mean everyone seemed to use them, then everyone got a clarisonic (which just looks like too much money if Im honest) and now everyone stresses how bad it is! Im sorry but I still wash my face properly so if I want a quick easy way to take off my makeup I sure as hell am busting out the face wipes! 

4. I hate washing my makeup brushes, to the point that I have got another set because I couldn't be bothered to wash them....I just suggest washing them really, it is cheaper! 

5. If I am lazy I use my fingers for foundation and for eyeshadows! Mostly this is also due to never having clean brushes.....I blame myself.....

6. I am terrible at using products up, I generally break, or loose something before I use it up.

7. I rub my eyes far too often and harshly, I notice my wrinkles more because of this!

Now for my blogging confessions. 

1. I get too excited and use new products before getting photographs and then I feel like I cant blog about it, for example my new lip butter in raspberry pie I think it is, I got it put it on then dropped it on a table and now it is ruined! But for anyone wondering, it is an amazing colour ^_^

2. Sometimes I can really not be bothered! I have all the intention in the world to spend the day blogging and then, somehow, I am in my onsie four hours have passed and Im still laughing too much at this picture.....
and then secretly wishing I was a cat, because a cats life is so easy....

3. I get blog envy so bad, especially when someone doing it for less time has more followers and more interaction and just seems so much better then me.....but it then quickly turns to hate when they go 'oh I only have so many followers help me get to this point' and I get all angry inside!! 

4. It is hard work, so many people make it look effortless and easy, but it is not at is hard work especially when you have a full time job! 

5. I don't plan as much as I should. I have 4 videos filmed, loads of pictures but no plan of them ever going up, some of them were halloween related so no use for them now! I need a planner....a big wall planner and put things on it, and then follow it! 

What are your beauty or blogger confessions? 

Lots of Love

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

How Much Did My Face Cost Today 5/11/13

Todays face may not cost a huge amount as the foundation I used was a sample. Is that cheating?

Anyway onto my face.
Foundation - Maybeline Fit Me Foundation - Free Sample Concealer - Bourjouis Healthy Mix - £7.99 Blush - Sally Hansen Blush Dusk - £1 Bronzer - Benefit Hoola - £23.50 Eyes - Urban Decay Sustainable Palette - £21.50 Soap And Glory Eyeliner Black - £5 Mascara - Revlon Grow Potion - £9.99 Lips - ELF Lipstick Nicely Nude - £3.50 Total Cost - £72.48 Thats still alot! Considering its £8 or so I think for the foundation that would take it to around £80! Lots of Love Guys x

Monday, 4 November 2013

How Much Did My Face Cost Today? 4/11/13

I am going to use this post to give a mini update. I look very red eyed and puffy here because my nan died on friday which was a huge blow. She had cancer and didn't have long left but I was hoping for another month or so. To add even more upset to the week one of our chinchillas died. :( I am trying to keep myself busy so you may see an increase in posts or a decrease. who knows what will happen, I just know if I dont do things to keep my mind occupied I end up in a silence that can last months. I dont want something like that to happen to me again.
But onto todays face price.

Foundation - Bourjouis Healthy Mix Serum - £10.99
Concealer - Bourjouis Healthy Mix - £7.99
Blusher - Natural Collection Peah Melba - £1.99
Bronzer - Benefit Hoola - £23.50
Eyes - NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - £5.00
Soap and Glory Brown Eyeliner - £5.00
Mascara - Revlon Grow Potion - £9.99
Lips - Revlon Lip Butter Peach Parfait - £7.99

Total Cost - £72.45

Quite alot considering I feel like Im wearing nothing!

Lots of Love