Sunday, 13 October 2013

Things I am Loving

I have been quite obsessed with a few things lately and Im going to share with you a few of my favorite tv shows, films, and books that I just can not get enough of right now!

Lets start with TV
1. Storage Hunters - Thank goodness this is always on Dave I can not get enough of this show, the arguments the amazing hidden treasures and the odd things that people keep in storage!! I am also a little bit in love with poppa bears voice, thats a bit strange but its a bit soulful and rhaspy, I could listen to him all day long!!

2. Nothing to Declare - Now even with sky living just showing the same shows over and over again I can not get enough of people who do not understand you can not take food into Austrailia or the strange ways of trying to conceal drugs.  

3. Rude Tube - I currently have this on and a guy is eating a Cactus..... A CACTUS YOU GUYS ...... I think that pretty much sums up that show. Oh now a guy is eating wotsits off a treadmill......

4. My latest netflix obsession is Breaking Bad I have been watching it for three or four days and I am on series 2 now, Badger has just been arressted. NO SPOILERS I just can not believe I left it this long to watch it.


I am back to loving the underworld franchise, I recently got the fourth film and loved it. It was the perfect story to get everyone back, I seriously hope there is going to be a follow up to it, because I just love the films, the third one was a huge let down but now Kate Beckinsale is back in leather and kicking ass all is right with underworld.

I make no excuses about mine and Pawls odd love for B-SciFi movies. I want to be in one, Sharknado, Dragon Wasps, Arachnoquake, Piranaconda I just cant get enough, these are all so bad they are good, and I love them!


Currently I am reading World War Z it is so different to the film and in brilliant ways, I can love the film and book for the different things they bring to zombie apocalyse and I for once am not proclaiming 'the book is so much better then the film' they are both brilliant in their own rights. 

I got a physical copy of the hunger game books, this week which I am happy about because as much as I love my Kindle physical books are just so more satisfying! 

Do you have any other suggestions for good books, tv shows or films for me? 

Lots of Love