Friday, 4 October 2013

Seventeen Back Lash Mascara Review

Today I am reviewing the new Seventeen Back Lash mascara. I love mascara's so much. If you saw my latest mascara post you will see just how much I love them, two have been added to my collection since, including this one! I was excited by this because one of my favourite mascaras was the Seventeen Falisifeye mascara.

I was instantly drawn in by the packaging of this mascara, I love the silver tube and I think it looks really nice and a little bit special!
Seventeen Back Lash Mascara
 The brush is nice as well, it is quite a chunky brush and I usually go for these bigger brushes, because they can really add volume to my lashes, which is what I look for most in a mascara. I love anything that makes my lashes thicker and look like there is more of them! This is because I have thin long lashes that are quite sparse in places. This mascara claimed to give 100% more lash impact! I wasn't sure what this meant but the back of the tube says it lengthens thickens and gives more impact! Ticking all of the right boxes so far.
Seventeen Back Lash Mascara
 Below is a picture of me wearing the mascara, I wore it all day at work, so it has had a full 6ish hours at work and a few more hours wear while I am typing this up now!
Seventeen Back Lash Mascara
Now excuse this picture I have edited it twice, but it has this strange grey cast on it on my screen so I have no idea what it will look like on yours!  :S it makes my skin look terribly tired!! This picture is with three coats of mascara on, and it really does need three coats, one coat did nothing at all, two coats made it look like I had slightly darker lashes and three coats actually make a visible difference. This did add some length to the lashes however that's about where it stopped for me. It didn't thicken as much as I wanted and I think it is partly to do with the brush, this is just a bit too difficult to get to the roots of my lashes and so stops there being an illusion of thick lashes. This mascara also clumped a few of my lashes together which didn't help with my sparse looking lashes :(

However I love how it lengthened them! Oh my days did they look long! If I had more lashes this would be a perfect mascara for me, but sadly I don't!

Have you tried this mascara? What is your favorite ever mascara?

Lots of Love