Sunday, 27 October 2013

Natural Collection Peach Melba - Review

It has taken me so long to buy the natural collection peach melba blush, but after seeing all the blogger buzz I have finally caved! I got pink cloud ages ago so I know the natural collection blushes are nice, so I was expecting a lot from peach melba, everyone seems to love it! It has a lot to live up to! 

I like the packaging with the natural collection products, yes it looks cheap but it is nice to see white packaging rather then black most cheaper cosmetics come in. At £1.99 you can not complain too much, I also really like the screw lid, it may not be to everyones taste but I can not tell you the amount of blushes that my nails have accidentally gone into by trying to open difficult hinge lids! 

The product seems really fine, and my brush picks up a lot, it doesn't feel chalky at all and it is really easy to pick up the product, I have some blushes you have to really work with the get colour on the brush to then get on your face, but this is really easy!  Which is perfect because who wants to struggle with difficult products when applying makeup in the morning! 

Here is peach melba swatched. I think it looks lovely just the right hint of colour, and although I know a lot of people will opt for a more darker or plumb based blush during Autumn and Winter, I think this may just be my pick this season! I find my favourite way to wear this is with a bronzer for contour and this over the cheek bones. I generally apply more on the higher points of my cheeks by my ears and blend the product down towards the apples of my cheeks. This is just how I like to apply it but of course it still gives a great flush of colour on the apples of the cheeks! 

This can easily be built up too, you can either have just a perkier looking face or really go for peach blush either way it is a stunning product and I really get why people wear and love it! I will be honest if I have a lighter foundation on where the pinkness of my cheeks is more visible this product does show up less which is why some people will probably not get on with it. With the right base this looks fab and I cant get enough of it, I think it will be one of those daily staples for a while and has already made it into the two how much does my face cost tags. I do have a peach cream blush that I think peach melba will come into a whole different level when layed over the top of a cream product! I will have to try that combination out! 

What blushes do you love? 

Lots of Love