Wednesday, 23 October 2013

How Much Did My Face Cost Today? 23/10/13

I have always loved the how much does my face cost tag! I figured I would make it into a regular feauture on my blog and shock myself with how much my war paint costs!!

Foundation - Seventeen Stay Time Foundation Soft Ivory - £6.49
Concealer - Seventeen Phwoarr Paint - £5.49
Bronzer - Barry M Natural Dazzle - £5.99
Blusher - Natural Collection Peach Melba £1.99
Mascara - Revlon Lash Potion - £9.99
Lips - Collection Perrie - £2.99

Total Cost - £32.94

This was not as bad as I was expecting! I thought it would be much more, but to be fair I have a basic face on and not much makeup because I was at work!! I will have to try again on friday and see how much a full on face would cost me! I am thinking alot because I use my more exspensive foundation and more lipsticks and eyeshadows!!

How much does your daily face cost you?

Lots of Love