Thursday, 31 October 2013

Ebay Wish List

I love browsing Ebay for magical finds, unusual clothes and the cutest accessories going! I always go on there to pick up beads and jewellery findings for the things I make myself and then always decide to go looking around for other things too! So here is my current Ebay wish list.

1. The Cat Dress
What is not to love about this dress! It is so cute! I would team this up with some nude tights gold bangles and some lolita style shoes!
2. The Blue Chiffon Sleeve Dress
Oh am I in love, I love the sleeves as they have these tiny studded details, the colour is amazing, the cut looks beautiful, but like most of these japanese inspired dresses I fall in love with I bet it wont look as good on a big busted gal!!

4. The Little Mermaid Tank Top
Oh God.....I just NEED this, I HAVE to have it, really, really, the wants......I WAAAAAANNNNTS

5. The Deer Bag
Ooooh now this is pretty easily a night out bag an also, perfect to class up a big wooly winter outfit!
I need to stop doing this ebay window shopping, that little mermaid top is a definate possible purchase! If I can find some money that is......

Lots of Love