Tuesday, 1 October 2013

ColourB4 Hair Colour Remover - Review

Hello guys while I have disappeared from blogger world I decided to have red hair (not sure if I have any posts with the red hair or not) but then I decided that no I wanted to go back blonde after about 2 months of red hair. However I had a lot of colour to remove.

I basically put on about 5 different brown dyes over the top of my blondish/purple locks so that the colour would stick and wouldn't fade when I washed it. I then decided brown was a bit boring for me and I got a dark purple dye to put over it hoping it would get me a really interesting brown with hints of purple in certain lights. However what I got was a reddish toned hair. The purple did not take at all. So I then decided what the hell I would stick with red and was putting in a semi perm red dye every 3/4 days. This was probably a bad idea because even while the bright red was fading there were still hints of red to my hair that were just becoming more of a red stain to my hair. So when I made the decision to go back blonde as I have more options with colour I knew I would need a miracle product to help and keep my hair on my head and not falling out in my bath!
I have never used anything like this before and figured it would be my best shot before bleaching as well I knew a bleaching session would leave me orange. All I knew about this products were that they kinda smelt bad!! Never the less I figured I would brave it out! You mix parts A and B like you would any normal hair colourant and apply it to your hair, I washed my hair at least three or four times first to take out as much of the red as possible and then followed the instructions perfectly with this. You apply this to dry hair. I always noticed that the red had stuck more on the top root section of my hair, where old dye had grown out and was my natural colour (just with this semi red on top). So I started at the roots and worked my way down to the ends where the colour was less intense. I did notice this smelt bad but no worse then most dyes I use. It wasn't pleasant to sit in the smell for an hour but it was bearable! So once the mixture is applied you leave it on for an hour. It is less time if you have the regular strength version but mine is extra because I really wanted rid of that red!!

The next bit is rinsing it all off, this is where it started to smell a bit more! It became more potent the more I washed it off!! You need to rinse you hair for a long time and so it is a lot easier to stand in the shower then hand over the side of the bath! First you need to rinse for around 10 minutes, You then take bottle C the buffer which is like a shampoo and using half the bottle lather this into your hair, leave it in for a minute or so, like you would a conditioner and then rinse again for between 5-10 minutes. I just set a timer for 15 minutes both times I rinsed as I just really didn't want to mess this up and the rinsing is the most important part of the process. You then wash your hair again with the buffer and again rinse it out really well. Once your hair has dried you will be left with your finished result. I was pretty impressed with mine it went a light brown shade, with hints of copper, but no red left at all. Which meant after a week or so of rest and lots of deep conditioner I could go ahead and bleach my hair. As I know what colour I wanted to get I had no problem with re-doing my hair, although ColourB4 do suggest you use a semi perm colour if you wanted to change your shade as its less damaging to the hair!
I am happy to say there was no damage to my hair during this process, the shampoo/buffer did leave it feeling a bit dry put a spray in condition fixed that no problem. As you can see the hair was considerably lighter. (Also say hello to Jekyll) I would definitely use this again when I decide on a drastic change to my hair and it is well worth the £11 or so I spend on it (and the smell too!) I am now a suitably pink colour which I am loving to bits right now!

Have you ever used ColourB4? What were your results?

Lots of Love