Thursday, 24 October 2013

Collection Little Mix Perrie Lipstick - Review

I am not usually one to jump on the band band-wagon, especially considering I do not know one little mix song but when I saw the shade of this lipstick I just knew I needed it! I had been looking for a purple shade and this one jumped right out at me. This is called Perrie I started thinking she must have a rocker edge (can you have a rocker edge in a pop band?) because her part of the little mix collection was full of smokey eye palettes and darker looks. 

I like the packaging of this, it looks like other collection lipsticks and the only way you would know it is little mix collection is by the 'lm' on the lid. I feel happy whipping this out in public, which I just couldn't do if I tried say the 1d stuff from mua..... This is band endorsing gone right, everyone can use it and not feel like 'omg I am a 24 yr old woman pulling out a teen girl band lipstick' Im just pulling out a lipstick that happens to be called Perrie! 

The colour payoff is nice, it is slightly darker then pastel purple, but not full on vampy plum purple, which is a balance I love. I was all set to buy Airborne Unicorn from Lime Crime but I don't think I will bother now. This is just a nice shade, and if you are considering testing out a more daring lipstick shade you can go a lot worse, and the £2.99 price tag made it easy to buy. It wasn't such a disaster if I didn't really like it. 

It wears nice and give a good build up of colour in one swipe. I really only go over it again to sharpen up the edges. It lasts pretty well for a lipstick but is in no way long lasting. I would say it has a semi matte finish. It isn't shiny, sparkly or glossy but it isn't drying either. It has a nice finish and doesn't feel like theres a whole lot of gloop on my lips. I really really like this lipstick! The only problem I had is it took me so long to actually find one! It seemed to be sold out or had been used in every shop I went to! 

Have you tried any great lipsticks lately? What is your favourite Lipstick shade? 

Lots of Love