Thursday, 12 September 2013

What Kerri Wore Today 12-09-13

Today was nothing special I was at home doing some filming an blogging and we had Bear over for his afternoon with his dad and me. I love when we get Bear around it's like my own special little family coming together I just wish we got to see him more often.

So I was rocking the BTTF top and a really comfy pair of jeans on! Like I said nothing special! 

Back to the Future - Topshop

Asda Skinny Jeans
The jeans are a complete surprise and bargain from Asda. I got them a few months ago and it was a spur of the moment 'I need some cheap jeans' and I could not have been more blown away by an £8 pair of jeans. These are really comfy are almost like a half hight waisted jeans! they come up higher then normal jeans but not quite fully high waisted but still high enough to cover my ever expanding chocolate belly! The top I got about 2 or 3 years ago in a Topshop sale.

Oh and heres my makeup I kind of based it on Miley Cyrus new music video wrecking ball now I love the song and I love themakeup but I do draw the line at licking a hammer!!

Well thats it for now folks! Hope you are all having a nice day!