Wednesday, 4 September 2013

What I Have Been Up To

Moving house. In a nutshell I have had the most stressful few months of my life. What with my operation and moving house its been a lot to deal with! 

I was so excited when I found out we would be moving 

I could not have been happier, we viewed the house and while it was a little messy they told us everything was being cleaned before we moved in. Roll on moving day, Im getting all excited I had packed everything and painted the house myself before moving and while there had still been some of the old owners stuff there I left them three days to get their stuff out before mine went in. Numerous messages passed saying everything was being done and I was soooo looking forward to moving day! 

Then I opened the door. 

Stuff of theirs still in my house, their dog kennel in the garden? Not one ounce of cleaning done. So after I cleaned every inch of my old flat the house I moved into looked like nothing had been done to it since I painted it. I would have cleaned it then no problem except my landlord told me it would be cleaned after I painted. He specifically told me to paint first so he could clean everything out and get a new carpet in one of the bedrooms (which wasn't actually done until a week after I moved in)

Now this put me and Pawl into stress mode, add on heavy lifting not eating all day and things started to look a bit like this 

And finally after a massive argument in the street, crying in a chippy trying to get food and the girl behind the counter looking at Pawl like he was the worst human being in the world for making me cry uncontrollably and still pay for food we got to this point.

Seriously moving is stressful and if you argue with anyone about it do not worry one bit. It is completely normal. 

So moving on there goes me cleaning the house, unpacking, moving stuff, getting things done, generally feeling awesome.

Did I mention no internet for two weeks, Im still slightly pissed at that fact virgin media.....

More recently I have been at work, and there was a huge company annual meeting where you discuss what is working and what isn't which I was excited to go to until there was someone there who argued back how wrong your opinion was.
It left me so agitated, why have a meeting asking for how you feel (and others were expressing the same feelings) if you are not going to listen? 

In the end I decided to stop getting annoyed and stop caring basically and by the end of the meeting I was just glad I got to eat cake.

Me and Pawl have also found the most amazing American style diner to eat in. Pulled pork sandwiches beef briskets, oh my life just the best man v food worthy food ever. There even is a meter long man v food challenge or a 1.5kg burger challenge.

But right now Im back. Me and Pawl are happy in our new house even if Im still a hormonal mess once a month 

And Bear is loving having more space, he loves the fact he can have a nerf war with his dad and me! 

The chinchillas are happy too lots more room for them to run around in!

I hope you are all happy and well!