Friday, 6 September 2013

DIY Z Palette

 Not so long ago I put a review up of the Soap and Glory Eyeliner and Eyeshadow box I got for Christmas last year. I said I didnt really use the eyeshadows as they were kept in the box out of the way. when someone said I should depot them from the packaging it got me thinking of all the depotted shadows I have and don't use because they are in little fiddly tins I don't reach for. So I decided why not use that Soap and Glory tin and put all those depotted eyeshadows in it. They will be all nice and handy and in one place. I also got a stronger magnet to apply onto the eyeshadows I already depotted as I had some casualties when we moved house. My mac one for example completely smashed :(

You will need,
strong magnetic tape,
depotted eyeshadows/blushers/lipsticks ect
a metal tin

 This is so easy as all you do is cut the magnet to size and stick it on the back of the eyeshadow pan. If your magnet isn't sticky, try gluing the magnet in place instead.

 You will be left with a nice selection of depotted eyeshadows to enjoy whenever you want!

Hope you enjoy and even have a go of making you own Z palette.

Lots of Love