Friday, 13 September 2013

Avon Colour Trend Lipcolour Stick in Think Fast Pink - Review

Today I am reviewing the new Avon Colour Trend Lipcolour Stick in Think Fast Pink. I love a bright lipstick so the colour of this instantly drew me in. I also love these kind of chunkier lip liner pencil type lipsticks, just because for me they are so much easier to use then a traditional lipstick.

This is a twist up type mechanism but please be warned you can not put it back down again, once you twist it up you had better be prepared to use the lippy! Something which I didnt realise until I had twisted the product! Onto the actual lipstick it is a little bit sheer with one coat but with two or three it becomes amazingly pigmented. It feels nice on the lips however it can highlight any dry skin, so I would recommend using a balm and a scrub first. It lasts a reasonable amount of time around 3/4 hours and after that it fades rather nicely and all at once. I only really needed to reapply after I had eaten food. So it is pretty good going for a basic lip colour. The price can vary in brouchers and I can not find it anywhere online right now but this cost me no more then £3 or so. It is a nice little product that really adds a fun pop of colour.

What is your favorite colour lipstick to wear?