Monday, 30 September 2013

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - Review

The Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer is raved about by so many bloggers and when I brought the concealer I had no intention of reviewing it at all, because I figured what I was getting was a bargain miracle product! Every blogger and their best friend seems to love this concealer. I can see why as it is high coverage and is pretty amazing in price (less then £5). But I do have a few issues with it and quite frankly it doesn't work for me as well as I was expecting.

I have this concealer in the shade 1 - Fair, firstly I think this is even too light for me and I could probably do with just a tad darker but the next shade available is too dark! And I really do not like needing to buy two products to mix together. I suppose the benefit of the light shade is it works as a good highlighter around my eyes.

We all know about this by now, the Lasting Perfection Concealer claims to last 16 hours. Is a high coverage concealer and is pretty much all you need to cover dark circles and spots. I'm a bit dubious about this 16 hour claim as well, I never wear makeup for that long but I do notice this moves on me a bit and comes off my skin quite easily. I don't even have especially oily skin. I notice movement after around 4 hours or so.
 The applicator means I can place this directly where I want it in my under eye area but also easily put some on the back of my hand and then use a brush to cover spots. Below you can see the swatch, my skin has a more pink undertone to it, where as concealer has a huge amount of yellow to it. I have seen people that this works perfectly for but I think the thick formula stops it blending with my skin tone and makes it very noticeable on me. Not something I would usually mind.
However it is my biggest problem, because this concealer is so thick it just sinks in my creases. I have creases and wrinkles around my eyes as for ages I have had trouble with my eyes and its left me with wrinkles at 24, I don't mind them one bit as my new found wrinkles are part of me, but do I want my makeup to stick in them and exaggerate them? Hell No!! This is where the problem is, every few hours I need to check and them reblend and then check that it hasn't moved back into the creases. It is just a bit of a nightmare for me! However I will give credit where it is due and this is a great concealer for spots. if the skin is not too dry it will cover them no problem. But unfortunately I just can not see myself buying this concealer again. I would rather spend more money and have one that works for me! Sorry blogger world as much as you seem to love Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer it just doesn't love me!

Have you tried this concealer? What did you think of it? What are your other favourite concealers?

Lots of Love

Sunday, 29 September 2013

I'm A Kitty Kat And I Meow Meow Meow

Whenever I am feeling down the little kitty tights come out and they actually never fail to put a little smile on my face. This whole outfit was pretty much me saying summer was not allowed to go and even though I really love autum I wanted to wear summer dresses just a little bit longer.
floral dress, cat tights

floral dress, book necklace

Cat tights and floral dress

So out came the kitty tights, the floral dress and a cardigan (because despite me declaring summer in the house it was so so so cold)

I know I have been so caotic on my blog promising to post more, doing about a week of posts and then going away again, but you know how people say bad things come all at once, kind of like when you wait ages for a bus to arrive and then 3 come all at once? Well I have yet more bad news, my nan has pancreatic cancer and has about 4/5 months left. When I found out a few weeks back it hit me hard, Ive really found it difficult to cope, but I am for lack of better term, becoming to accept what is happening and cherishing these last few months with my nan. She has been great to me and I will be very said when she goes. I cant promise how often I will post and if I learnt anything from my nan it was to do what you want when you want to.

I hope all you fine people are doing well

Lots of Love

Friday, 13 September 2013

Avon Colour Trend Lipcolour Stick in Think Fast Pink - Review

Today I am reviewing the new Avon Colour Trend Lipcolour Stick in Think Fast Pink. I love a bright lipstick so the colour of this instantly drew me in. I also love these kind of chunkier lip liner pencil type lipsticks, just because for me they are so much easier to use then a traditional lipstick.

This is a twist up type mechanism but please be warned you can not put it back down again, once you twist it up you had better be prepared to use the lippy! Something which I didnt realise until I had twisted the product! Onto the actual lipstick it is a little bit sheer with one coat but with two or three it becomes amazingly pigmented. It feels nice on the lips however it can highlight any dry skin, so I would recommend using a balm and a scrub first. It lasts a reasonable amount of time around 3/4 hours and after that it fades rather nicely and all at once. I only really needed to reapply after I had eaten food. So it is pretty good going for a basic lip colour. The price can vary in brouchers and I can not find it anywhere online right now but this cost me no more then £3 or so. It is a nice little product that really adds a fun pop of colour.

What is your favorite colour lipstick to wear?

Thursday, 12 September 2013

What Kerri Wore Today 12-09-13

Today was nothing special I was at home doing some filming an blogging and we had Bear over for his afternoon with his dad and me. I love when we get Bear around it's like my own special little family coming together I just wish we got to see him more often.

So I was rocking the BTTF top and a really comfy pair of jeans on! Like I said nothing special! 

Back to the Future - Topshop

Asda Skinny Jeans
The jeans are a complete surprise and bargain from Asda. I got them a few months ago and it was a spur of the moment 'I need some cheap jeans' and I could not have been more blown away by an £8 pair of jeans. These are really comfy are almost like a half hight waisted jeans! they come up higher then normal jeans but not quite fully high waisted but still high enough to cover my ever expanding chocolate belly! The top I got about 2 or 3 years ago in a Topshop sale.

Oh and heres my makeup I kind of based it on Miley Cyrus new music video wrecking ball now I love the song and I love themakeup but I do draw the line at licking a hammer!!

Well thats it for now folks! Hope you are all having a nice day!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

My Mascara Collection

I love Mascara, It is my number one weakness and I try so many. I used to have a lot more that I have had to just throw out because they were drying up! These are what I have currently and yes I do pretty much use them all!!
 Theres quite a few 13 in fact, with the plan of getting one more (that amazing purple glittery looking tube from Revlon does anyone know what it is called?) Im very specific with what I want from a mascara, adding volume at the roots of the lashes is a must, they must appear thicker and darker! I love a really good black mascara. Im not too fussed about them being lengthening because Im lucky enough my eyelashes are quite long. So onto what I own!!

Essence - No limits Waterproof- Black
Essence - All Eyes On Me - Purple
Soap and Glory - Thick & Fast - Black
Collection 2000 - Super Size Fat Lash - Black
 Maybelline - Mega Plush - Black
Maybelline - Colossal Cat Eyes - Black
Maybelline Great Lash - Black
Revlon - Grow Luscious Plumping - Black
Fashionista - The Double Collection - Black (and white base coat)
Vivo - Volume Mascara - Black
Barry M - Lash Modeling - Extra Black
Rimmel - Lash Accelerator - Black
Benefit - Bad Gal - Black

So there we go, quite alot! If anyone wants any reviews on these mascaras just ask and I will get them up!

Lots of Love

Friday, 6 September 2013

DIY Z Palette

 Not so long ago I put a review up of the Soap and Glory Eyeliner and Eyeshadow box I got for Christmas last year. I said I didnt really use the eyeshadows as they were kept in the box out of the way. when someone said I should depot them from the packaging it got me thinking of all the depotted shadows I have and don't use because they are in little fiddly tins I don't reach for. So I decided why not use that Soap and Glory tin and put all those depotted eyeshadows in it. They will be all nice and handy and in one place. I also got a stronger magnet to apply onto the eyeshadows I already depotted as I had some casualties when we moved house. My mac one for example completely smashed :(

You will need,
strong magnetic tape,
depotted eyeshadows/blushers/lipsticks ect
a metal tin

 This is so easy as all you do is cut the magnet to size and stick it on the back of the eyeshadow pan. If your magnet isn't sticky, try gluing the magnet in place instead.

 You will be left with a nice selection of depotted eyeshadows to enjoy whenever you want!

Hope you enjoy and even have a go of making you own Z palette.

Lots of Love

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Olay Cleansing Wipes - Review

Today I am reviewing the Olay cleansing wipes. I picked these up in asda on sale for £1.50.

You get 20 of the wipes in a pack, which is around average for most face wipes. These cleansing wipes are actually a very satisfyingly wet wipe. They remove my makeup well. Even the water proof mascara. Ive been trying out more wipes recently because it is easy to remove most of my makeup with them and then just do a nice proper cleanse before bed and in the mornings. They are also handy for just spot cleaning brushes!! I have to say that I do not like these wipes. They feel scratchy on my skin especially by my eye area. I just don't like the feel of them, no matter how good they remove makeup. I use these now just to quickly do a spot clean on my brushes after I use them. I will be on the look out for another pack of the kleenex wipes I reviewed, or any other type of wipe any one could recommend!

Lots of Love

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Crafting Adventures

So I have been letting my crafty side out lately, and I already know what I am doing for birthday presents and christmas presents, including some of these little bits!!

First of all my book necklace...

 I love it, right down to the pages inside, for my first attempt I am pretty happy with this! Especially as it has pages from one of my favorite books, The Rosary Girls.

I even had a go at making my own earings, I dont wear them often but these will add a nice little touch to any outfit I wear!! 
Thats it for my new crafty things. Its not much but Im proud of the things Ive been making!!

Lots of Love

What I Have Been Up To

Moving house. In a nutshell I have had the most stressful few months of my life. What with my operation and moving house its been a lot to deal with! 

I was so excited when I found out we would be moving 

I could not have been happier, we viewed the house and while it was a little messy they told us everything was being cleaned before we moved in. Roll on moving day, Im getting all excited I had packed everything and painted the house myself before moving and while there had still been some of the old owners stuff there I left them three days to get their stuff out before mine went in. Numerous messages passed saying everything was being done and I was soooo looking forward to moving day! 

Then I opened the door. 

Stuff of theirs still in my house, their dog kennel in the garden? Not one ounce of cleaning done. So after I cleaned every inch of my old flat the house I moved into looked like nothing had been done to it since I painted it. I would have cleaned it then no problem except my landlord told me it would be cleaned after I painted. He specifically told me to paint first so he could clean everything out and get a new carpet in one of the bedrooms (which wasn't actually done until a week after I moved in)

Now this put me and Pawl into stress mode, add on heavy lifting not eating all day and things started to look a bit like this 

And finally after a massive argument in the street, crying in a chippy trying to get food and the girl behind the counter looking at Pawl like he was the worst human being in the world for making me cry uncontrollably and still pay for food we got to this point.

Seriously moving is stressful and if you argue with anyone about it do not worry one bit. It is completely normal. 

So moving on there goes me cleaning the house, unpacking, moving stuff, getting things done, generally feeling awesome.

Did I mention no internet for two weeks, Im still slightly pissed at that fact virgin media.....

More recently I have been at work, and there was a huge company annual meeting where you discuss what is working and what isn't which I was excited to go to until there was someone there who argued back how wrong your opinion was.
It left me so agitated, why have a meeting asking for how you feel (and others were expressing the same feelings) if you are not going to listen? 

In the end I decided to stop getting annoyed and stop caring basically and by the end of the meeting I was just glad I got to eat cake.

Me and Pawl have also found the most amazing American style diner to eat in. Pulled pork sandwiches beef briskets, oh my life just the best man v food worthy food ever. There even is a meter long man v food challenge or a 1.5kg burger challenge.

But right now Im back. Me and Pawl are happy in our new house even if Im still a hormonal mess once a month 

And Bear is loving having more space, he loves the fact he can have a nerf war with his dad and me! 

The chinchillas are happy too lots more room for them to run around in!

I hope you are all happy and well!