Monday, 19 August 2013

Sleek Blush - Pixie Pink - Review

Now here is a blush I have had for ages and I do not think I have ever decided to speak about it. The sleek blush in pixie pink is just one of those blushes I kind of take for granted in my collection, it is just there and I forget about it, even though it is a really stunning blush!

 I love the packaging of the sleek blushes, the nice sized mirror inside is a real bonus and the pan is just a nice big size, I love the compact and its matte look.
 Now pixie pink always always looks scary in the pan, it does not matter how long you have owned it for you always open it up and think 'Im actually going to put this on my face? we are actually doing this?!' But possibly the most amazing thing about this blush is how nice the pink is out of the pan.
 It is no where near as scary and gives a lovely pink sheen, however I will say that you can go over this and make it as intense as you want to, which is one of the blessing about the sleek blushes. For around £4 you really can not go wrong with these and I want to try and find a really nice peach toned blush from them, so if you have any recommendations let know below!