Friday, 16 August 2013

Lime Crime - Centrifuchsia - Review

I just couldn't resist a bit of lime crime any more, ever since I first saw these tubes I gave myself reasons not to buy them, they are too exspensive, they are more money then you really need to spend on a lipstick, (lets be honest most of my excuses were about the price at £11.50 it is not cheap!) but as I was on cutecosmetics, and saw they had BOTH shades of the velvetines that magically made their way into my basket I figured I had better add myself a lipstick too! I decided on the shade Centrifuchsia as it looked like the perfect blend of a pinkish purple!

First of all I really do love the packaging! It is pink glittery unicorn goodness I just love how this looks, it is something that can sit proudly on my desk! It is just lovely!!
 Just look at it! It is so cute and girly!!
 Ahhhh its just beautiful!
 The shade looks different depending on how the light hits it, I would say it is a bright pink with just a tiny hint of purple to it. It does not look like the pictures on the lime crime website but those pictures seem to be photoshopped to some extent anyway.
 As you can see below it looked a little darker in the shadow and less intense pink! They feel really nice on the lips and this strong colour is with one swipe from the tube. It is an amazingly pigmented lipstick and the face that these come in all kind of colours is amazing including blues, blacks and greens!

 Again in a not so close up of my lips it is just a very difficult colour to describe, but all I can say is I love the colour! I think lime crime is for those of us who love a bright pop of colour! They lasted 5-6 hours on my without need of touching up as these (well this colour anyway) has some degree of staining power to them. The lid stays on firmly so I would have no issue carrying this around in my bag for touch ups. I will say that you need to have your lips in good condition for these as any dry skin on your lips or cracks will be made 100% worse! So try to use a lip scrub and balm to prep the lips first!
 I am a total convert to these lipsticks and I have a review coming soon on the velvetines because they are even more amazing then the lipsticks!
There are so many shades I want to try out including their new shade Babette, Cosmopop, My Beautiful Rocket and even secretly I want to own Mint To Be, even if I will only wear it at home in secret!!

If you love lipsticks in bright colours then I highly suggest you check out these lipsticks, there is a good selection of colours from crazy ones to more wearable ones! I just can't get enough of wearing Centrifuchsia right now!!