Monday, 12 August 2013

Excuses and Feeling Pretty Useless

There are times when the whole blogging world gets me down. Times like this when I feel incredibly guilty about the fact I am not blogging. I just feel theres a lot of pressure trying to keep up with everyone else in the blogger world. I have my reasons one of them being I'm moving house and other things are just mentally and emotionally I am drained. The last few weeks of July had been hard for me and I know my feelings are not going to change anytime soon so my blogging pattern will be unreliable because I simply do not know when I will feel like blogging. 

Today I have the urge so will probably schedule posts to take me into the time when I am moving. After that I have no idea if my new house will give me a new lease of life and some motivation. I really hope it does as me and Pawl are considering this to be a new beginning and a new start to the next   chapter of our lives. 

I am looking forward to some more space and just enjoying the sunshine in my own garden ( if we get any more! ) and decorating the house with little trinkets and pictures! 

I hope to get back to blogging normality soon! 
For now I have lots of positive thinking to do and remind myself that things get better. 

X x