Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Dream Ikea Office

With moving house I have decided one of the rooms will become pretty much my blogging and craft room! I have always wanted a dedicated space, my desk, bookshelves, craft supplies and makeup collection will be in here. As I already have the desk from Ikea Im mostly looking for storage items! But here is my dream list anyway!

1. Micke Desk, thankfully I already own this but they have added loads of new options for colours.

2. Snille Swivel Chair, Theres just something about this chair that I love! It has wheels which will be perfect for when Im bored and try to wheel through my house on our laminate flooring!

3. Helmer Drawer Unit, I would love to say I could afford the alex drawers but I just know I wont be able to ever afford that *sad face* I like these but just not 100% sure I may see what they have in argos!!

4. Variera Utensil Tray, Im thinking a few of these for inside the desk draw may help me organise my makeup collection a bit more!

5. Lillholmen Mirror, I love this mirror especially the little tray that I could put small rings and braclets in so I dont loose them!

I will proably end up with none of this! Especially as Pawl wants a sofa bed in this room for when people stop over at ours! But a girl can dream right!!