Sunday, 4 August 2013

Changed My Hair Again!

So I think it is safe to say I get very bored with my hair, thats why I am always changing the colour of it! Big changes often happen when I am just bored! So here it is, going from bleach blonde to a completely accidentally amazing hair colour! 

We all know my staple colour is blonde that I tint in pastel colours, whether they be pink, purple blue grey whatever. Blonde allows me to really experiment and play around. Next Time I am blonde I am considering a peach toned hair or maybe even turquoise.  

But for now I decided to going a bit darker as blonde is hard to maintain. Roots are the tell tale sign of how lazy I am and my roots had gotten huge!

I decided on a dark brown colour from nice and easy, it says dark natural auburn on the box. However there was not really a hint of red to the colour. I decided to get a dark plum colour from superdrugs to put over the top. I thought a dark plum colour would be a really good option for me being as I have a love of colour and wanted something dark. 

The brown colour here looks odd because of the yellow light shining on it, but it was a good colour and I liked it. I decided to put on the purple the next day and well it was a disaster. The dye was very runny like water. It went everywhere and was so difficult to use. I had high hopes when I saw the colour turning dark on my hair but purple is not what I ended up with!

I ended up with red, theres a bit more brown tone to it in real life the picture made it look more amazing then it is but my biggest problem now is getting this colour when I need to re dye it all!

I hope you like the new look most people do, a few customers from work keep telling me to go back blonde but for now I love it. 

Kerri x