Monday, 19 August 2013

Sleek Blush - Pixie Pink - Review

Now here is a blush I have had for ages and I do not think I have ever decided to speak about it. The sleek blush in pixie pink is just one of those blushes I kind of take for granted in my collection, it is just there and I forget about it, even though it is a really stunning blush!

 I love the packaging of the sleek blushes, the nice sized mirror inside is a real bonus and the pan is just a nice big size, I love the compact and its matte look.
 Now pixie pink always always looks scary in the pan, it does not matter how long you have owned it for you always open it up and think 'Im actually going to put this on my face? we are actually doing this?!' But possibly the most amazing thing about this blush is how nice the pink is out of the pan.
 It is no where near as scary and gives a lovely pink sheen, however I will say that you can go over this and make it as intense as you want to, which is one of the blessing about the sleek blushes. For around £4 you really can not go wrong with these and I want to try and find a really nice peach toned blush from them, so if you have any recommendations let know below!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Maybelline Colour Tattoo - Metallic Pomegranate - Review

The Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate has been my most recent Colour Tattoo purchase, I love them in terms of bases for the eye shadows but this one is something a little more special!

In the tub it looks like brown in shade but it is almost like a brown/red cranberry colour. I use this all over my lid and pop a little of a cranberry colour over the top of it.
 It allows just the right amount of shimmer through the eye shadows but also looks stunning my itself. I really love this with a black kohl in the water line and nice thick lashes. It has to be the best Colour Tattoo I have purchased so far.
Everyone knows that these last for ages and are nice and creamy to apply. I just love the formulation of these, but this is really the first colour that I have purchased I would actually wear by itself.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Lime Crime - Centrifuchsia - Review

I just couldn't resist a bit of lime crime any more, ever since I first saw these tubes I gave myself reasons not to buy them, they are too exspensive, they are more money then you really need to spend on a lipstick, (lets be honest most of my excuses were about the price at £11.50 it is not cheap!) but as I was on cutecosmetics, and saw they had BOTH shades of the velvetines that magically made their way into my basket I figured I had better add myself a lipstick too! I decided on the shade Centrifuchsia as it looked like the perfect blend of a pinkish purple!

First of all I really do love the packaging! It is pink glittery unicorn goodness I just love how this looks, it is something that can sit proudly on my desk! It is just lovely!!
 Just look at it! It is so cute and girly!!
 Ahhhh its just beautiful!
 The shade looks different depending on how the light hits it, I would say it is a bright pink with just a tiny hint of purple to it. It does not look like the pictures on the lime crime website but those pictures seem to be photoshopped to some extent anyway.
 As you can see below it looked a little darker in the shadow and less intense pink! They feel really nice on the lips and this strong colour is with one swipe from the tube. It is an amazingly pigmented lipstick and the face that these come in all kind of colours is amazing including blues, blacks and greens!

 Again in a not so close up of my lips it is just a very difficult colour to describe, but all I can say is I love the colour! I think lime crime is for those of us who love a bright pop of colour! They lasted 5-6 hours on my without need of touching up as these (well this colour anyway) has some degree of staining power to them. The lid stays on firmly so I would have no issue carrying this around in my bag for touch ups. I will say that you need to have your lips in good condition for these as any dry skin on your lips or cracks will be made 100% worse! So try to use a lip scrub and balm to prep the lips first!
 I am a total convert to these lipsticks and I have a review coming soon on the velvetines because they are even more amazing then the lipsticks!
There are so many shades I want to try out including their new shade Babette, Cosmopop, My Beautiful Rocket and even secretly I want to own Mint To Be, even if I will only wear it at home in secret!!

If you love lipsticks in bright colours then I highly suggest you check out these lipsticks, there is a good selection of colours from crazy ones to more wearable ones! I just can't get enough of wearing Centrifuchsia right now!!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Dream Ikea Office

With moving house I have decided one of the rooms will become pretty much my blogging and craft room! I have always wanted a dedicated space, my desk, bookshelves, craft supplies and makeup collection will be in here. As I already have the desk from Ikea Im mostly looking for storage items! But here is my dream list anyway!

1. Micke Desk, thankfully I already own this but they have added loads of new options for colours.

2. Snille Swivel Chair, Theres just something about this chair that I love! It has wheels which will be perfect for when Im bored and try to wheel through my house on our laminate flooring!

3. Helmer Drawer Unit, I would love to say I could afford the alex drawers but I just know I wont be able to ever afford that *sad face* I like these but just not 100% sure I may see what they have in argos!!

4. Variera Utensil Tray, Im thinking a few of these for inside the desk draw may help me organise my makeup collection a bit more!

5. Lillholmen Mirror, I love this mirror especially the little tray that I could put small rings and braclets in so I dont loose them!

I will proably end up with none of this! Especially as Pawl wants a sofa bed in this room for when people stop over at ours! But a girl can dream right!!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Kleenex Facial Cleansing Wipes - Review

These Kleenex Facial Cleansing Wipes were a little one off miracle find in poundland. I know they are usually around £2 a pack in Boots or Superdrugs. I always buy my face wipes cheap because I do not see the need to spend a fortune on them which was why I was so happy to see these in poundland as I wanted to try them out.

I love that these are made from natural fibres (which is what the little eco form logo is for) and you get 24 wipes in a pack. I always associate Kleenex with tissues so I was really interested when they released these wipes, I figured they would be strong wipes and not fall apart but still be soft.

 I am very happy to say they lived up to my expectations! These wipes feel almost velvety on the skin, are so soft and gentle but are good at removing makeup. I will say that the natural fibres in the wipes can collect when removing stubborn makeup like water proof mascara and you tend to notice the fibres gathering together slightly. I'm not sure if I describe that very well but it is nothing that effects the wipe at all. I will also say that some parts of the wipe are slightly more moist in areas then in other parts but overall it is a really good wipe. They do what I expect which is to take off my makeup before a really good cleanse and they are soft and don't leave behind a horrible greasy feeling like with some wipes. I will be picking these up again if I see then in poundland BUT I might even consider paying full price for these kleenex face wipes as they are a face wipe I really enjoy using!!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Excuses and Feeling Pretty Useless

There are times when the whole blogging world gets me down. Times like this when I feel incredibly guilty about the fact I am not blogging. I just feel theres a lot of pressure trying to keep up with everyone else in the blogger world. I have my reasons one of them being I'm moving house and other things are just mentally and emotionally I am drained. The last few weeks of July had been hard for me and I know my feelings are not going to change anytime soon so my blogging pattern will be unreliable because I simply do not know when I will feel like blogging. 

Today I have the urge so will probably schedule posts to take me into the time when I am moving. After that I have no idea if my new house will give me a new lease of life and some motivation. I really hope it does as me and Pawl are considering this to be a new beginning and a new start to the next   chapter of our lives. 

I am looking forward to some more space and just enjoying the sunshine in my own garden ( if we get any more! ) and decorating the house with little trinkets and pictures! 

I hope to get back to blogging normality soon! 
For now I have lots of positive thinking to do and remind myself that things get better. 

X x

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Changed My Hair Again!

So I think it is safe to say I get very bored with my hair, thats why I am always changing the colour of it! Big changes often happen when I am just bored! So here it is, going from bleach blonde to a completely accidentally amazing hair colour! 

We all know my staple colour is blonde that I tint in pastel colours, whether they be pink, purple blue grey whatever. Blonde allows me to really experiment and play around. Next Time I am blonde I am considering a peach toned hair or maybe even turquoise.  

But for now I decided to going a bit darker as blonde is hard to maintain. Roots are the tell tale sign of how lazy I am and my roots had gotten huge!

I decided on a dark brown colour from nice and easy, it says dark natural auburn on the box. However there was not really a hint of red to the colour. I decided to get a dark plum colour from superdrugs to put over the top. I thought a dark plum colour would be a really good option for me being as I have a love of colour and wanted something dark. 

The brown colour here looks odd because of the yellow light shining on it, but it was a good colour and I liked it. I decided to put on the purple the next day and well it was a disaster. The dye was very runny like water. It went everywhere and was so difficult to use. I had high hopes when I saw the colour turning dark on my hair but purple is not what I ended up with!

I ended up with red, theres a bit more brown tone to it in real life the picture made it look more amazing then it is but my biggest problem now is getting this colour when I need to re dye it all!

I hope you like the new look most people do, a few customers from work keep telling me to go back blonde but for now I love it. 

Kerri x

July Favorites 2013

What can I say about this month, the weather has been crazy, stupidly sunny one minute heavy rain the next!! With the changing weather I have not really had alot of makeup Items I have been using simply because I didn't know if it would stay on my face or not!! Apart from huge amounts of chocolate here have been my July favorites.

Barry M Nail Polish in Raspberry, now here is a simple colour that survived the change in weather, its a lovely pinky raspberry colour and is really great and long lasting on the nails. Everyone has loved the colour so far and its just perfect by itself and I dont have to dress this up at all. Perfect nail polish, I also have a feeling this will work in the winter months too.

Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara in Black, this is a newish mascara for me, I got it when it was first released because it looked really good and a gel formula mascara was something completely new. The wand is a bit weird at first as it bends but it doesnt make a difference when applying the mascara. It gives great length and volume and lasts a long time too without flaking. Its a winning mascara for me.

Wet n Wild Mineral Pressed Powder, I got this ages ago in poundland but its been an absolute saviour for me right now. There is enough colour coverage to even out my skin tone and the little brush included is perfect for quickly applying the powder really fast. Theres also a mirror in the lid so I can throw this in my bag and not need anything else.

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner in Black, I think alot of people probably picked this up in the last edition of glamour mag. The felt tip style applicator is so small you can get a really fine line effortlessly this stays put for ages aswell. I love it. I will repurchase this when I run out. However I may get another copy of the mag if I see them because its such a bargain about £3 for the mag and the eyeliner costs £8. Plus theres loads of pictures of Isla Fisher who I have a huge girl crush on!!!

Sorry my favorites has not been huge this month, there has not been alot that I have been using, especially as I have had a difficult month. But I am feeling more myself and getting into wearing makeup again after spending ages being bare faced and makeup free!!

What has been your favorite beauty products this month?