Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Review - MUA Power Pout in Runway

I purchased this power pout a few weeks ago as I really wanted some more orange toned lip colours in my collection! The shade I got was Runway, from the selection in store it looked like it was the most orange (however there were only two other shades in there and I really didn't know how big the collection is) turns out there is a better option for orange, and I think its called Justify.

However here's my opinion on the Power Pout.

 These cropped up around the same time as the revlon lip stains that look like the chubby sticks. To be honest I'm not sure how these companies have managed to release something that looks exactly like them (it my understanding trading standards require 5 differences or at least they do for clothes) but these look pretty much the same! I obviously opted for this as the chubby sticks are a little out of my price range!
 These look like a huge lip crayon, you twist the silver bottom to release more product. I first looked at mine and noticed a crack in the actual lip colour, it instantly made me think these were going to be dry, hard to use and a bit like colouring your lips with an over sized lip pencil. I'm glad to say that's not the case. These are so soft and creamy. Not what I was expecting at all! Its easy to apply and lasts a couple of hours before needing to be touched up. These are a bit like a balmy stain for the lips. They apply a soft amount of colour that can be built up. However the was no nourishing value for me. I would rather just have a lip balm on. But for a dash of colour these are very nice.

The colour is a mix between orange and pink. It goes on a nice orange but you can tell there is a lot of pink in, and when it fades, it fades to a pink colour, which really wasn't flattering on me. I would need to constantly re-apply this to avoid that colour as I just didn't like it. However I would really like to try something like this in a deep plumb or raspberry colour, as I don't know if those strong colours would work on me but it would be the perfect way to try them out! At only £3 I think these are a bargain if you don't mind how often you will need to re-apply during the day, but if you don't get chance to do makeup while your working maybe stick to a long lasting lipstick!

Do you like these Power Pouts?