Friday, 26 July 2013

Operation Day - 25/07/2013

The big day I had been so nervous about since last Friday! I'm still not going to go into detail about what I had done, but in the run up I had been sick for about 6 weeks and couldn't keep and food or liquid down. It was really getting me down. So I was glad to have my op to help fix the problem but was terribly nervous at the same time! I arrived at the hospital at about 12.30 and found my ward. It was incredibly difficult to find! I hate it when hospitals are like mazes! It took two different nurses to get me where I was supposed to be!

My wristband was pretty funny because I had to have alert printed on it in big letters so everyone in theater knew that even when I'm sedated I have been known to react and hit a doctor in the past :( I felt so bad about it. Thankfully this time that didn't happen and all doctors were safe!!

I had such a long wait, thankfully the ward I was on was closed off and I sat in a corridor until about 4pm when I was eventually wheeled down to theater.

If you have never had anaesthesia before it is the weirdest feeling ever! As they insert the drugs through this plastic thing in your hand you feel it tingle up your arm, shut your eyes and when you open them again a few hours have passed and everything is done! Its so weird and confusing how you just loose hours of your life and it feels like you have just blinked!! I woke up in a recovery room, but then I must have gone back to sleep for a bit because I woke up again in my ward room. So I was stuck in my ward room waiting for my lovely Pawl to come and pick me up as he wasn't allowed with me at all during the day. So I hadn't seen him since 6am. So when I saw him at 5.30pm I was so happy. So today I'm resting up and I have a day at work on Saturday :(

I'm in a bit of pain but I am also feeling better today and Ive managed to eat something and I'm keeping it down. So seriously whatever they did must have worked!

I hope you are all having a great day!