Sunday, 21 July 2013

Life Can Be Really Hard...

Ive been gone for such a long time, I have just had so much going on that blogging was the thing I let go off. I just couldn't cope with everything and keeping up with the blogger world was one stress I didn't need. I'm not sure I want to go into detail right now about what is happening to me, even if it could help someone else. But it really made this last month difficult for me and pawl. I also have an operation next week and I'm so nervous about it, especially as Ive only managed to get the day after my operation off :( minimum wage, and a flat to pay for is no good at times. Too stressful, thankfully my op is not anything huge, I still have to go under but I'm just hoping I will have enough time to rest.

But onto happier things, me and Pawl are thinking of getting a house, because our current landlord has one available, which would be perfect because I'm bored and tired of our small little flat!! Our little chinchillas are here, Jekyll and Hyde (seriously one is so calm the other is a nutter and escaped from the cage the other day and we almost lost him)

Here they are all cute and little!! They love the chew everything especially my fingers and biting off my nail varnish. They make a mess all the time and every time we put in a fresh bowl of food they will throw some of it on the floor! I love them so much still, in the morning the come to the side of the cage as if to say hello, and they do the same at night time too. 

I also took a trip to the beach in this nice weather with Pawl to try and take our mind off things as it's been a tough month. We saw some awesome sand sculptures in Weston-Super-Mare and had such a nice day out. 

This was one of my favourite sculptures. So I hope everyone is well and you have all enjoyed the sun shine. Also I hope you like the new blog design Ive been working hard on it this weekend and I really like it. It feels much more me. 

See you all soon