Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Floral Inspired Nails

Ive seen so many Cath Kidston inspired nail designs recently and I really wanted to give it a go but I'm hopeless at nail art and have no nail art tools.

 I used a blue base - Sally Hansen - Himalayan Blue
Polka dots/light petals - Essie - Neo Whimsical
Leaves - Barry M Gelly - Key Lime
Dark Petals - Barry M Gelly - Grapefruit
Top and Base Coat - Miss Sporty
 I didn't have a white but the off cream colour worked really well for the polka dot effect on my nails, I used an old pen to achieve the dot size.
I used a pink shade for the flowers by doing four pink spots using a cotton bud, then applying the lighter cream over the top and then again a dab of pink in the middle and I used an old pair of tweezers to do the leaf design! It took a long time but I really loved the end result. I finished it all off with a top coat just so everything would last a bit longer (although sadly the chinchillas have got to one finger and its ruined already!)

I hope you like it and realise you don't need all the expensive tools to be able to make pretty nail designs.