Friday, 7 June 2013

Where Have I Been

I have had a week off work and it has been rather quiet on the whole blog front, and youtube for that matter! You would think with time off work I have been busy on my blog but no, I got rather dis-heartened early on and been in a strop. I brought my own domain for my blog and decided I would put it up with a new blog design, but has it gone my way? Nope, and I am having some huge teenage strop despite the fact I turn 24 on wednesday, you bet I am!!

Besides that, I dont know how many of you know but I make my own jewellery and lately its been going good, Ive got a few orders that Ive been able to send out and a market stall has brought 20 off me and just got to see how they sell and fingers crossed they will buy some more. Its all fun and games for me on that front. Im glad that I have other hobbies besides my blog and youtube because it gives me a whole load of things to put my creative input into. I love creating bracelets and Im waiting for a shipment of moustache themed beads to come in!

I turn 24 on wednesday the 12th June and Im hugely excited, because its the day I will also be getting my long awaited chinchillas, me and Pawl have been thinking about it for ages and finally they will be coming home with us. We went to visit them last month and they were so teeny tiny, they will be 12 weeks old when we get them and I can not wait, expect lots of videos! I might vlog the day, not sure yet.

On the blog side of things expect some posts up soon, as well as alot of reviews, theres a whole load of videos filmed just waiting for me to edit and put on youtube and theres also a mass upload of a superhero themed beauty colab that Im taking part in, from a beauty youtuber group on youtube! I decided to do Poison Ivy so look out for that too!

Hope you are all happy and have been enjoying the glorious sunshine.

Lots of Love
x x