Sunday, 9 June 2013

Chit Chat

It is currently 8pm and Im watching the Katy Perry movie because it has just come on netflix, and I love having noise in the background when Im blogging!! Although now Im getting distracted by singing along and screaming fans! Im only like 5 minutes in, expect some random reactions while Im watching and typing!!

Im trying to schedule as many posts as possible, but really reel like having a chit chat putting all my thoughts out type of post, because although I have had a week off work I have done nothing on my blog, I just wanted to have a rest! Im doing it now because I know I wont have much time soon with my little baby chinchilla's coming soon!! Im beyond excited my birthday and my little babies come, we pick them up in the morning then there will be lots of visitors because its also my brithday, so much happening!

Ive also set up a facebook page for my bracelets I make, the link is on the facebook button above Im really proud of the fact Im taking orders and have sent a pretty big order out for a market stall. Im glad its all going good on that front. Its an amazing feeling making something and someone liking enough to actually buy them. I also have my first return customer! Which is fantastic Im glad she likes them enough to keep coming back for more! I got business cards made aswell (it all feels very official!)

Im also coming up with ideas for a superhero/villan colab Im doing as part of with beauty youtubers unite from facebook. Its an amazing little community of beauty youtubers that all chat and talk about videos and help each other out. Well we have a mass upload on the 18th of june and Ive decided to do a look based on Poison Ivy, my favorite supervillan! Lots of greens, browns and reds in this look! Ive broken 200 subscribers on youtube and Im gobsmacked I seriously can not believe how lucky I am to have that many! 

(Oh Katy Perry is so cute as a little girl!)

Im also thinking of dying my hair again, I know I know, Ive not that long ago went blonde again, then purple, and now I want to change it again! I think its going to be about a month or so down the road, Im thinking a reddy/brown but more red then anything else! But then again I also love this lilac purple, its what I always go back to!

I hope you are all happy, and have been having a lovely week and enjoyed the sunshine if you got any! Im also looking for people to take part in my blogger interview section so please email me if you want to take part.

Lots of Love

x x