Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Job Interview Tips

I recently got a new job (well December) but it feels like yesterday, and since every month since Ive been in the head office (where I had my interview) not for anything bad, just for training but it brings back the memories everytime I pass that meeting room!

Tip #1 - Research your job, I had a telephone interview first that was basically seeing if I could string a sentence together and I wasnt lying on my C.V. Talking about C.V's print it on a pale yellow coloured paper, or cream paper, make sure you tweek it to the job your applying for. As I was applying for a job in a bookies I concentrated my CV on my money handling skills and one and one people/customer service skills. On my telephone interview they basically told me that my skills and mannerisms were good but they just wanted me to know more about the business I was going into. So I found out how many stores they had, how many people they employed, what my basic duties would be. It looks impressive if you know what you are getting yourself into!

Tip #2 - Dont be afraid to be yourself. I walked into my interview in a little butterfly blouse, telling them how nervous I was because interviews terrify me! They all had a little laugh at me and then I asked why there were so many chairs in here and so many pieces of paper lying around the table because it was just making me feel worse! I think if you are human and not a practised robot everyone feels more comfortable and you can loosen up in your interview.

Tip #3 - Ask questions. Theres nothing worse for someone interviewing you thinking you have zero interest. Ask anything you feel unsure about. What are the job prospects, what are some more in depth details about the job, is there a limit to how far you can go with the company, what is the on job training like. I was shocked to find out my job training was for 6months (Im finished now YAY and finished it early) but these are things I wouldnt know if I didnt ask!

Tip #4 - Dont get confused by questions. I got asked alot of wierd questions in my interview such as, describe a time you took charge and acomplished something. Describe a time you helped train staff, Could you give orders to employee's. At that time I took them in my stride and gave honest answers it wasn't until after the interview and offered me the job they said I would do well as a manager. I am now at a stage in the company where I can do the managers job if there isn't a manager or deputy manager around. So no matter how strange the questions are answer them honestly. And if you dont have experience doing it, say so but say how much you are looking forawrd to learning those skills with the company.

Tip #5 - Sell Yourself. This is the first time your maybe new employer will see you. Look smart, look polished, make sure you smell good!! Accept that cup of tea or coffee or water before your interview it will calm you down, honest! Make sure they understand how you will be beneficial for their company. Sell yourself to them, that crappy job serving in a restaurant that you hate, can be your best selling customer service skills, you can handle any person have great one on one skills, you just need to find the skills wherever you have them and make them appropriate to the job you are applying for.

Other then that just go for it, your new job can be a new chapter in your life, look forward and don't worry about any no's you get there will be a big fat yes that makes you happy you applied for all those jobs!!

Good luck and Lots of Love

x x

Monday, 10 June 2013

Crazy Sexy Kohl - Soap and Glory Review

This has been sitting on my side for ages without having a review, simply because I fell in love with the eyeliners and never spoke about them because I was too busy using them! This was around for christmas but I have no idea if it can be purchased anywhere else so I feel really bad talking about them now! Fingers crossed its out next christmas if it is Im picking one up for a giveaway because it's mind blowing.
You get 5 eyeliners (which is all I brought it for) and three eyeshadows.

The eyeshadows can be perfectly used to make a smokey eye, theres a taupey brown, a purple colour and a lovely black shade. The eyeshadows are much more pigmented then I was expecting but I dont use them because they are in this tray I never reach for now I have taken out the eyeliners.

The eyeliners are so creamy they glide on effortlessly and last a long time, theres a brown, green, purple, blue and black. I know the black is available to purchase for around £5 and you wont find one that lasts longer for such a good price!

I reach for these eyeliners all the time, either to line my eyes or try to create interesting cat eye liner colours. Its a great little set that I love!

Whats your favorite eyeliner brand?

Lots of Love

x x

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Chit Chat

It is currently 8pm and Im watching the Katy Perry movie because it has just come on netflix, and I love having noise in the background when Im blogging!! Although now Im getting distracted by singing along and screaming fans! Im only like 5 minutes in, expect some random reactions while Im watching and typing!!

Im trying to schedule as many posts as possible, but really reel like having a chit chat putting all my thoughts out type of post, because although I have had a week off work I have done nothing on my blog, I just wanted to have a rest! Im doing it now because I know I wont have much time soon with my little baby chinchilla's coming soon!! Im beyond excited my birthday and my little babies come, we pick them up in the morning then there will be lots of visitors because its also my brithday, so much happening!

Ive also set up a facebook page for my bracelets I make, the link is on the facebook button above Im really proud of the fact Im taking orders and have sent a pretty big order out for a market stall. Im glad its all going good on that front. Its an amazing feeling making something and someone liking enough to actually buy them. I also have my first return customer! Which is fantastic Im glad she likes them enough to keep coming back for more! I got business cards made aswell (it all feels very official!)

Im also coming up with ideas for a superhero/villan colab Im doing as part of with beauty youtubers unite from facebook. Its an amazing little community of beauty youtubers that all chat and talk about videos and help each other out. Well we have a mass upload on the 18th of june and Ive decided to do a look based on Poison Ivy, my favorite supervillan! Lots of greens, browns and reds in this look! Ive broken 200 subscribers on youtube and Im gobsmacked I seriously can not believe how lucky I am to have that many! 

(Oh Katy Perry is so cute as a little girl!)

Im also thinking of dying my hair again, I know I know, Ive not that long ago went blonde again, then purple, and now I want to change it again! I think its going to be about a month or so down the road, Im thinking a reddy/brown but more red then anything else! But then again I also love this lilac purple, its what I always go back to!

I hope you are all happy, and have been having a lovely week and enjoyed the sunshine if you got any! Im also looking for people to take part in my blogger interview section so please email me kezisms@gmail.com if you want to take part.

Lots of Love

x x

Friday, 7 June 2013

Where Have I Been

I have had a week off work and it has been rather quiet on the whole blog front, and youtube for that matter! You would think with time off work I have been busy on my blog but no, I got rather dis-heartened early on and been in a strop. I brought my own domain for my blog and decided I would put it up with a new blog design, but has it gone my way? Nope, and I am having some huge teenage strop despite the fact I turn 24 on wednesday, you bet I am!!

Besides that, I dont know how many of you know but I make my own jewellery and lately its been going good, Ive got a few orders that Ive been able to send out and a market stall has brought 20 off me and just got to see how they sell and fingers crossed they will buy some more. Its all fun and games for me on that front. Im glad that I have other hobbies besides my blog and youtube because it gives me a whole load of things to put my creative input into. I love creating bracelets and Im waiting for a shipment of moustache themed beads to come in!

I turn 24 on wednesday the 12th June and Im hugely excited, because its the day I will also be getting my long awaited chinchillas, me and Pawl have been thinking about it for ages and finally they will be coming home with us. We went to visit them last month and they were so teeny tiny, they will be 12 weeks old when we get them and I can not wait, expect lots of videos! I might vlog the day, not sure yet.

On the blog side of things expect some posts up soon, as well as alot of reviews, theres a whole load of videos filmed just waiting for me to edit and put on youtube and theres also a mass upload of a superhero themed beauty colab that Im taking part in, from a beauty youtuber group on youtube! I decided to do Poison Ivy so look out for that too!

Hope you are all happy and have been enjoying the glorious sunshine.

Lots of Love
x x