Thursday, 30 May 2013

Miss Sporty Base and Top Coat

I picked this up a while ago as part of a cheap little alternative to a top coat. I needed a new one and thought this might be good as a base coat as well. Ive never really used base coats but found that now I'm painting my nails more, they were getting a little stained :(

I wasn't really expecting much of a difference but oh boy does a base coat make a huge difference!

This fills in all those annoying little ridges with no problem and whats even better is its only a couple of pounds so doesn't break the bank.
It lasts really good as a top coat as well, it made my nails stronger and much less prone to splitting.
This miss sporty base and top coat makes the nails really glossy which I loved. This manicure was 5 days old when I took this picture. There was no chipping at the tips which I expected to have after two or three days, as I spend most my time typing. To have a fresh looking manicure for so long really amazed me. It just goes to prove that you don't need expensive top coats to do great things.

I'm really glad I got this, I have a base coat and a top coat all in one. Because it is so glossy I can use this on my nails with no coloured polish to make them look so much healthier!!
Whats your favourite top coat?

Lots of Love

x x