Friday, 17 May 2013

Life - It Gets In The Way

So Ive not been blogging for about two weeks (I think) and Im not even sure when my scheduled posts stopped! What a naughty blogger I am.

But that little thing we call life got in the way! I was doing some pretty intense training at work and I am happy to say I can now act as a deputy manager and open and close the betting shop! Yay go me. Instead of doing it over the course of eight weeks, four weeks of training and another four weeks of doing it by myself so Im comfortable with everything, I did it in two. I had my first managing shift last friday, all before I passed the test to say it was ok for me to do it!! But I did pass the test on tuesday, Yay Go Me, even if I made a stupid mistake. In a betting shop your have a betting control chart that basically tells you odds and how much money you can take before you ring for permission and it changes during the day and times, and is different for sports and horses ect. Theres alot on it, so you were allowed to keep it with you. However being the highly clever person I am I packed it away and didnt think about it until I got to 5 questions that the betting control chart answers!! Ooooops. Without that major slipup I managed to pass and only got 6 questions wrong. So Im pretty happy!!

Me and Pawl have also been getting ready for our baby chinchillas to arrive, we have a huge cage for them which we have filled with wooden platforms, chew things and its going to be really nice for them! We also went to see them. I dont have any pictures but the breeder is really nice and let us hold them. Both of the little guys fell asleep on me. I just cant wait now Im too excited ^_^

Other then that its just been catching up with family and letting life just take its path.

Hope you are all happy!

Lots of Love

x x

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