Friday, 24 May 2013

Into The Looking Glass

Who doesn't love Alice in Wonderland?!

I always have and when I saw this top in Urban Outfitters a few years back I snatched it up faster then you could say through the rabbit hole! Why am I mentioning it now?!

Well I completely forgot about this top until it was dug out of my over flowing draws!!

As with most of my lazy days I throw on a top and some leggins. I dont feel like I need much else with this and its such a little statement. I love his pocket watch his little striped blazer. I love everything about this little rabbit!!
Theres just so much detail on this, its almost like a hand drawing thats been transferred onto the shirt!! I know its probably mean of me to be showing you this if you cant but it anymore but there may be something similar on ebay, who knows!! But finding Mr. White Rabbit again has really shown me how much I need to have a clear out and organise my clothes! I might even put a few things on here as a blog sale!

Anyway hope you are all having a wonderful day.

Lots of Love

x x