Thursday, 2 May 2013

Im Not In A Blue Polyester Shirt OOTD

Really simple look today because Im not up to anything! I wond a bit of money on the irish lottery, not loads, but a little bit, so I need to collect that at some point! Me and Pawl also won £2 on a scartch card! whooo go us!! I think I will have a little walk when he comes back from work because its still really sunny outside!

I love how this cardi sits over the shoulders, its a really light material and just sits so elegantly. Its like an exaggurated colar that just sits and folds down nicely.

This cardigan is really odd in places but it makes me love it more, the background is an interesting pattern, it has an elasticated back, and also looks like its tried to have a bit of a batwing look! Its longer at the front then the back too!  Its a real mix-match of styles!!
I wore it with a pair of black skinny jeans just because I love these jeans!!

Hope you are all having a nice day!

Lots of Love

x x