Thursday, 30 May 2013

Blogger Interview #4

This week is the lovely Sarah from Knickers and Nailpolish. Doesnt that just sound like the type of blog that going to be full of girly laughs and talk?
I know Ive been hooked on reading it since she sent me her link!!

Here are her answers to the questions

1. Why did you decide to set up a blog? 
 I'd read beauty blogs for ages whilst I was at uni, but going from living with girls who loved makeup to living with a boy who didn't squeal whenever OPI launched a new collection, I needed an outlet. Knickers & Nailpolish was born when my boy told me to pack and the first things I threw into a bag were my undies and 3 bottles of nail polish (we were only going to his mums for one night!)

2. How do you juggle your life as a teacher and the time and energy a blog takes?  
 I struggle, and some weeks I can't post as often, but I try my hardest. I tend to take batches of photos on a Sunday, write posts up on my phone and then schedule for the week, or I blog as much as I can in the half terms, however sometimes the blog has to take a backseat to school work - especially when I have planning to write!

3. What is one of your favourite childhood memories? 
 Ooo, good questions. One of my favourite memories is when we got our first dog. I must have been about 5, my sister was 2 and my parents had left us at my Nan's house whilst they went to fetch him. I was so excited, and had picked so many names for him. When my parents got home, this bundle of golden fur jumped out of the car and chased me round Nanan's house, I remember running away giggling so much.

4. What is your favourite part about blogging? -
I love talking to people who share my passion - blogging has opened up a world where there are girls (and guys) crazy for beauty. I love chatting on Twitter, or commenting on someone elses blog, or replying to comments - its just talking beauty 24/7!

5. What's your favourite genre of films? 
 Looking at my DVD collection, I seem to have a thing for Rom Coms or Action Films - I adore both, some films I could watch over and over again.

6. After you have had a really stressful day, how do you unwind?  
 I head to the gym. That place is my personal sanctuary, I can picture whatever (or whoever) has made it stressful and get all anger out there, theres something amazing about being so physically exhausted that is very relaxing - plus the hot shower effort makes it all better!

7. What is one book you can read over and over again? 
One book that I always go back to is called One Child, by Torey Hayden. Its a story/biography about Hayden's time as a teacher, working with children in extreme situations. It inspired me to want to work with children who come from challenging background and this is still my long term goal.

8. If you could have your dream holiday, where would it be?
 Anywhere...Australia. I want to take 6 weeks and travel around, seeing everything, doing everything - very cliched but its what I want to do.

9. Who was your favourite disney princess as a child? 
 I was always Ariel, a real water baby. I know the film inside out, can sing all the songs and used to perform Part of My World at any family BBQ.
10. You have a list of 26 things to do before you're 26. Which one do you want to achieve more than any of the others? 
 I want to save £1000, if not more as it will go towards our house deposit. I've currently got about £400 saved, so I'm doing quite well, but hoping to hit the target early!
11. What's your guilty pleasure tv show? 
 Reality TV - anything on E! or DMAX - I could watch the Kardashians or Toddlers & Tiaras all day and not care that my brain was turning to mush, its nice to switch off sometimes!

My question for you - If you could be a season, which season would you be and why?
 Ooooooh good question I would be Autum. Mostly because you still get that warm weather but not uncomfortable everything starts to change to orangey brown colours, and everything just feels nice. Plus I love leaves when they begin to fall!!

Check out Sarah's blog here.

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