Saturday, 25 May 2013

Birthday Wishes - House of Holland Underwear

Ahhhh its my birthday soon, and I can not be more excited!! I will more then likely having my new chinchillas around my birthday and Im just really looking forward to it after a couple of stressful weeks!!

There is one thing I really really want, whether I convince one of my sisters to buy it for me, or I get it with any money I will be lucky enough to recieve, who knows! But it will be bright and bold, and most definatly put a smile on my face!!

These House of Holland neon bra sets are perfect for embracing the neon trend but not showing off!! I especially love the purpley/blue one and the pink one. The bra just looks a really nice shape and Im a huge fan of a short breif!!  I also love the way each one pairs with a barry m polish, just incase I want a sneaky peek of whats underneath!!

The reason I was totally captivated with these is not because they react to uv light (but how rave and retro is that?!) but that I can put them under some of my customised top. How cool would these bras look peeking out beneath some slashed tops?!

You can purchase them here. Now the question is which sister to ask!!!

Lots of Love

x x