Thursday, 30 May 2013

Blogger Interview #4

This week is the lovely Sarah from Knickers and Nailpolish. Doesnt that just sound like the type of blog that going to be full of girly laughs and talk?
I know Ive been hooked on reading it since she sent me her link!!

Here are her answers to the questions

1. Why did you decide to set up a blog? 
 I'd read beauty blogs for ages whilst I was at uni, but going from living with girls who loved makeup to living with a boy who didn't squeal whenever OPI launched a new collection, I needed an outlet. Knickers & Nailpolish was born when my boy told me to pack and the first things I threw into a bag were my undies and 3 bottles of nail polish (we were only going to his mums for one night!)

2. How do you juggle your life as a teacher and the time and energy a blog takes?  
 I struggle, and some weeks I can't post as often, but I try my hardest. I tend to take batches of photos on a Sunday, write posts up on my phone and then schedule for the week, or I blog as much as I can in the half terms, however sometimes the blog has to take a backseat to school work - especially when I have planning to write!

3. What is one of your favourite childhood memories? 
 Ooo, good questions. One of my favourite memories is when we got our first dog. I must have been about 5, my sister was 2 and my parents had left us at my Nan's house whilst they went to fetch him. I was so excited, and had picked so many names for him. When my parents got home, this bundle of golden fur jumped out of the car and chased me round Nanan's house, I remember running away giggling so much.

4. What is your favourite part about blogging? -
I love talking to people who share my passion - blogging has opened up a world where there are girls (and guys) crazy for beauty. I love chatting on Twitter, or commenting on someone elses blog, or replying to comments - its just talking beauty 24/7!

5. What's your favourite genre of films? 
 Looking at my DVD collection, I seem to have a thing for Rom Coms or Action Films - I adore both, some films I could watch over and over again.

6. After you have had a really stressful day, how do you unwind?  
 I head to the gym. That place is my personal sanctuary, I can picture whatever (or whoever) has made it stressful and get all anger out there, theres something amazing about being so physically exhausted that is very relaxing - plus the hot shower effort makes it all better!

7. What is one book you can read over and over again? 
One book that I always go back to is called One Child, by Torey Hayden. Its a story/biography about Hayden's time as a teacher, working with children in extreme situations. It inspired me to want to work with children who come from challenging background and this is still my long term goal.

8. If you could have your dream holiday, where would it be?
 Anywhere...Australia. I want to take 6 weeks and travel around, seeing everything, doing everything - very cliched but its what I want to do.

9. Who was your favourite disney princess as a child? 
 I was always Ariel, a real water baby. I know the film inside out, can sing all the songs and used to perform Part of My World at any family BBQ.
10. You have a list of 26 things to do before you're 26. Which one do you want to achieve more than any of the others? 
 I want to save £1000, if not more as it will go towards our house deposit. I've currently got about £400 saved, so I'm doing quite well, but hoping to hit the target early!
11. What's your guilty pleasure tv show? 
 Reality TV - anything on E! or DMAX - I could watch the Kardashians or Toddlers & Tiaras all day and not care that my brain was turning to mush, its nice to switch off sometimes!

My question for you - If you could be a season, which season would you be and why?
 Ooooooh good question I would be Autum. Mostly because you still get that warm weather but not uncomfortable everything starts to change to orangey brown colours, and everything just feels nice. Plus I love leaves when they begin to fall!!

Check out Sarah's blog here.

Lots of Love

x x

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Miss Sporty Base and Top Coat

I picked this up a while ago as part of a cheap little alternative to a top coat. I needed a new one and thought this might be good as a base coat as well. Ive never really used base coats but found that now I'm painting my nails more, they were getting a little stained :(

I wasn't really expecting much of a difference but oh boy does a base coat make a huge difference!

This fills in all those annoying little ridges with no problem and whats even better is its only a couple of pounds so doesn't break the bank.
It lasts really good as a top coat as well, it made my nails stronger and much less prone to splitting.
This miss sporty base and top coat makes the nails really glossy which I loved. This manicure was 5 days old when I took this picture. There was no chipping at the tips which I expected to have after two or three days, as I spend most my time typing. To have a fresh looking manicure for so long really amazed me. It just goes to prove that you don't need expensive top coats to do great things.

I'm really glad I got this, I have a base coat and a top coat all in one. Because it is so glossy I can use this on my nails with no coloured polish to make them look so much healthier!!
Whats your favourite top coat?

Lots of Love

x x

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sucker Punch Inspired Makeup

I recently watched sucker punch for the very first time the other week! I loved it and really felt inspired by some of the makeup and really wanted to give my own interpretation of the glitterey look on the girls while they are dancing. 

Heres what I came up with, 

The lashes are not the best but I just got some new eyelure ones which would look much nicer when I do the other looks Im planning.

What do you guys think of this look?

Lots of Love

x x

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Lions Mane

Who likes crazy hair every now and again?! I spent a good hour plaiting my hair last night and this morning I took it out and was left with big crimpy hair! I love it!

For my eyes theres a big cat eye winged liner and on my lips Ive gone for bright pink. I used one of the apolalips in apocaliptic from rimmel.

Hope you are all having a lovely day!!

Lots of Love

x x

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Birthday Wishes - House of Holland Underwear

Ahhhh its my birthday soon, and I can not be more excited!! I will more then likely having my new chinchillas around my birthday and Im just really looking forward to it after a couple of stressful weeks!!

There is one thing I really really want, whether I convince one of my sisters to buy it for me, or I get it with any money I will be lucky enough to recieve, who knows! But it will be bright and bold, and most definatly put a smile on my face!!

These House of Holland neon bra sets are perfect for embracing the neon trend but not showing off!! I especially love the purpley/blue one and the pink one. The bra just looks a really nice shape and Im a huge fan of a short breif!!  I also love the way each one pairs with a barry m polish, just incase I want a sneaky peek of whats underneath!!

The reason I was totally captivated with these is not because they react to uv light (but how rave and retro is that?!) but that I can put them under some of my customised top. How cool would these bras look peeking out beneath some slashed tops?!

You can purchase them here. Now the question is which sister to ask!!!

Lots of Love

x x

Friday, 24 May 2013

Into The Looking Glass

Who doesn't love Alice in Wonderland?!

I always have and when I saw this top in Urban Outfitters a few years back I snatched it up faster then you could say through the rabbit hole! Why am I mentioning it now?!

Well I completely forgot about this top until it was dug out of my over flowing draws!!

As with most of my lazy days I throw on a top and some leggins. I dont feel like I need much else with this and its such a little statement. I love his pocket watch his little striped blazer. I love everything about this little rabbit!!
Theres just so much detail on this, its almost like a hand drawing thats been transferred onto the shirt!! I know its probably mean of me to be showing you this if you cant but it anymore but there may be something similar on ebay, who knows!! But finding Mr. White Rabbit again has really shown me how much I need to have a clear out and organise my clothes! I might even put a few things on here as a blog sale!

Anyway hope you are all having a wonderful day.

Lots of Love

x x

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Blogger Interview #3

This week is a fellow Kerry (although she spells it with a 'y' its so difficult for me to put that there because I just instantly go to spell it with an I!!)

Here are my questions for her ^_^

1. Why did you decide to start up a blog? 
As a writer I have a natural instinct to write down everything from funny conversations to raves about beauty products. I thought a blog was a great platform to spill everything into one place and so Kerralina was born!

2. What inspires you in life? 
People.  I'll just look at someone and think 'Yes. I'm going to be awesome and fabulous like they are.'

3. What is your favorite makeup style?
Understated but knock-out. Like Angelina Jolie - flawless base, flirty lashes and a bold lip.

4. Do you have any belongings that hold a special sentimental value to them? 
Not that I can think of off the top of my head. My body, I guess. I've had it for a long time and I won't be throwing it out any time soon.

5. What has been your most extravagant purchase? 
Probably my laptop. But then that was also a practical purchase. As far as reckless spending goes, I can do some serious damage in Primark, Topshop and Debenhams.

6. What are some of your pet peeves? 
When people chew loudly. JUST CLOSE YOUR MOUTH.

7. Your are in a clothes store, what do you look for first? Dresses? Shoes? Tops?! 
Oh god, ALL OF THE THINGS. I'm like a kid in a candy shop when I'm clothes shopping, although I guess my instinct would be to look at tops.

8. What is something you hate doing but know you have to?
Getting on buses. *shudders* I'm going to sound like a diva now but my idea of ideal travel does not involve puking children and people who haven't washed in weeks.

9. If you could have any meal in the world right now, what would it be?
Sushi. Always sushi.

10. What is one of your goals in life?
To have a book published!

11. Whats your favorite flavour of ice cream! 
Ben and Jerrys Chocolate Fudge Brownie. That stuff is food of the gods.

12. What are you most proud of, with regards to your blog? 
Bobbi Brown reading my article 'Confidence and the Young Women' and Tweeting me about it! (Here's the link if you wanted to check it out

My question to you: What is the one thing you'd hate to lose?
My family. I could live without money, a house and even all my makeup, but if I could never live without my mom, dad, sisters, nephew, Pawl and Logan, those things are my life. Especially Pawl, we are practically one person. 
That aside if I ever lost poorly ted as in I just couldnt find that teddy bear anywhere I would cry!! I had him the day I was born and right now he's sat on the sofa!! 

Please go and check out Kerrys blog she sounds like a woman I would get on with sushi and book lover that hates buses!!

Lots of Love
x x
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Friday, 17 May 2013

Life - It Gets In The Way

So Ive not been blogging for about two weeks (I think) and Im not even sure when my scheduled posts stopped! What a naughty blogger I am.

But that little thing we call life got in the way! I was doing some pretty intense training at work and I am happy to say I can now act as a deputy manager and open and close the betting shop! Yay go me. Instead of doing it over the course of eight weeks, four weeks of training and another four weeks of doing it by myself so Im comfortable with everything, I did it in two. I had my first managing shift last friday, all before I passed the test to say it was ok for me to do it!! But I did pass the test on tuesday, Yay Go Me, even if I made a stupid mistake. In a betting shop your have a betting control chart that basically tells you odds and how much money you can take before you ring for permission and it changes during the day and times, and is different for sports and horses ect. Theres alot on it, so you were allowed to keep it with you. However being the highly clever person I am I packed it away and didnt think about it until I got to 5 questions that the betting control chart answers!! Ooooops. Without that major slipup I managed to pass and only got 6 questions wrong. So Im pretty happy!!

Me and Pawl have also been getting ready for our baby chinchillas to arrive, we have a huge cage for them which we have filled with wooden platforms, chew things and its going to be really nice for them! We also went to see them. I dont have any pictures but the breeder is really nice and let us hold them. Both of the little guys fell asleep on me. I just cant wait now Im too excited ^_^

Other then that its just been catching up with family and letting life just take its path.

Hope you are all happy!

Lots of Love

x x

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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Unleashing My Inner Pin Up Girl

I have always loved that pin up girl style. I also love so many other trends and styles that pin up is just something I have not incorporated into my everyday style yet. HOWEVER there are days when I just want to play dress up and I go crazy with my hair and makeup!

It usually ends up something like this!

 At the age of 23 I think I should have grown out of the whole 'dress up' stage of my life, but I don't think I ever will! Its too much fun, especially when you take photos of it and it all becomes weird and wonderful like this one!!!

Haha blurry arm!! I am thinking of having my eyebrows waxed a bit more arched, so I can fill them in and have that pin up feeling everyday!! Its always fun to play dress up, its even better when Im in my 50's dress! But with my recent weight gain all you see is boobies!!! 

Anyway let me know if you have these strange dress up periods!!

Lots of Love

x x

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Blogger Interview #2

My second blogger interview is from the very talented Shona at
Shes someone who's blog Ive followed for a long time! I love her style of blogging! Shes much younger then me, and make me feel a bit old, but its always nice to see a younger take on life and all this beauty!
1. What made you want to start blogging? 
I originally had a youtube channel and soon after I started I saw blog links in peoples description boxes and I feel in love with the concept when I started reading blogs! Now a year and a half on I don't have a youtube channel anymore and I've thrown myself into blogging, I really love it!

2. As quite a young blogger were you worried about starting your blog? What do your friends think of it? 
Oh definitely and I still am now. I do feel intimidated by some older bloggers sometimes as I am only 15. I wasn't worried when I started but as I started blogging more and more I did start getting worried that people thought I'd was just an immature teen who was just doing this as a laugh. Even when I had the most amazing time at the #LDNBBMeet people kept on talking about my age and how I made them feel old, I felt like people thought I was too young to be blogging. I do sometimes feel a bit out of place. Just me being paranoid but I do think its all a little more scary when you around my age. But I wouldn't change what I do, I love it!

3. What do you like best about blogging?
The friends I've made, I've made some truly amazing friends via blogging and I don't know what I'd do without some of the people I've known and now met!
4. What is your most embarrassing moment?
This isn't a blogging related one but I was round a friends house once when I was about 10 and my friends dad asked what flavour pringles he wanted and I said he should pick a certain flavour. His dad just snapped back at me 'you aren't having any!' and I felt so small and embarrassed, even when I think about it now I feel embarrassed despite the fact that I wasn't trying to say I wanted some. I've had worse embarrassing moments but I'll keep them to myself!

5. What is something that never fails to make you happy?
Blogging, despite the bitchiness sometimes whenever I feel down I write a post and I feel a lot happier!

6. How long on average to you take to get ready for a day out? 
Not that long at all. I shower and wash my hair in the evening so that saves me a lot of time in the morning. I generally don't do anything too fancy with my hair or makeup so again that shortens the time. Its never longer than an hour but mainly around 30 minutes to 45 minutes I'd say!

7. Favourite Chocolate bar or sweet?  
Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut or Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!

8. When your having a bit of a rubbish day how to you cheer yourself up?
I blog but if I'm feeling really down I'll talk to Jayne from who is always there to listen and always cheers me up! I do have other lovely lovely people who I talk to and they cheer me up but she is been really amazing recently :) Also talking to my followers/blogging friends on twitter cheers me up :)

9. Cats or dogs?! 
CATS! I love my 2 cats so much, they're called Marmite and Bruiser. Bruiser is about twice the size of Marmite despite the fact that Marmite is actually his mum!

10. What is one interesting fact about you! 
I can do this with both my thumbs, its like my party trick, people don't usually like it though aha!
(insert attached picture)
Inline image 1

11. What is your favourite blog post of your own? 
It was the first time I did a very opinion based lifestyle post and I really loved writing it and replying to comments!

12. Name something on your 'bucket list'!
I don't actually have a bucket list or any idea or things I want to do before I die!

My question for you: What are some of your main goals in life?

Thanks lovely, I loved answering the questions!
Shona xx
Oooooh good question! My main goal in life is just to be happy. I know it seems really saft but really after I left uni, I realised I wasn't a 'plan' kind of person, the career I thought I wanted, was just not for me, and now I dont really have a plan in my life! I mean it was never part of my 'plan' to date someone 12 years older then me and with a son, but it's happened and Ive never been happier!! I suppose I have a rough plan of moving my way up work I mean Im already doing some management training now. But I have no general plan in life other then to be as happy as I possibly can be! 

Lots of Love 

x x

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Is My Partner My Best Friend? Should He be?

This is a question that I have been thinking alot about lately! It seems to be that alot of people (mostly professionals) don't think your partner should  be your best friend. Mainly because they argue if there was nothing or no-one fulfilling in your life before, then your relationship is 'doomed' as one website said, which I do not agree with at all!

I first met my fella at 18, he was just someone I knew at work and who I had a laugh with. We were friends but nothing close. I ended up returning to that job after university and met him again. We talked alot, and eventually went on a date. It was to see Jackass 3, the most un-romantic first date movie ever, and I knew straight away this guy could be my friend as well as someone I was romantically interested in!

But is he worthy of the title best friend? My best friend is someone I met at uni, we do each others makeup, we got changed in the same room if going out, we have giggled all night long and got drunk together too many times. Shes seen me at my worst and best, and knows all those girly torments like 'Does this look good on me? Do I have to shave my legs?' and so on. Things my boyfriends doesn't get, try to talk bra's and shaving and he doesn't want to know. I would hate to sideline the friends I have and say 'Oh now I have a boyfriend hes my best friend now, your demoted'.

However my boyfriend shares more with me then my best friend! We share the same bed, he knows me inside out, he's cleaned up my sick from drinking too much, hes carried me home, hes seen me turn up on his door step crying my hormonal eyes out. He makes me laugh everyday, we do the squid dance together, and I never realised I would be so close to one person. Hes also much more then a best friend. If we argue there's more gravity to the argument, and a relationship isn't forever like a best friend is. If I don't speak to my friend for a few months they are still there but my boyfriends may not be!!

However I am one of those people that thinks my partner should be my best friend. Along with all the other attributes I feel he has. Hes not only my lover, my partner, hes the man I share my life with, my comfort giver, my emotional and intellectual equal and a whole other bunch of stuff to me. Hes my everything. But that doesn't mean I forget all my other best friends. They are all important to me for different reasons. I also believe that if me and my partner ever split up, we would still be best friends. He just knows too much for me to not remain friends with him.We have been together through alot and know that we share a friendship as well as love, which makes me feel I have found a very special man.

For people who put friends in one box, and relationships in another, in my opinion, has a very narrow minded way of thinking. Ive slept on my best (girl) friends sofa so often when I was poor it almost felt like a relationship minus the sex and arguments!! And if my friendships can feel like relationships why shouldn't my relationships feel like my friendships?! Maybe I'm just lucky to have more then one best friend, and know they all mean the world to me but for different reasons!

Do you think your partner should be your best friend? Or is your relationship different from friendship?

Lots of Love

x x

Im Not In A Blue Polyester Shirt OOTD

Really simple look today because Im not up to anything! I wond a bit of money on the irish lottery, not loads, but a little bit, so I need to collect that at some point! Me and Pawl also won £2 on a scartch card! whooo go us!! I think I will have a little walk when he comes back from work because its still really sunny outside!

I love how this cardi sits over the shoulders, its a really light material and just sits so elegantly. Its like an exaggurated colar that just sits and folds down nicely.

This cardigan is really odd in places but it makes me love it more, the background is an interesting pattern, it has an elasticated back, and also looks like its tried to have a bit of a batwing look! Its longer at the front then the back too!  Its a real mix-match of styles!!
I wore it with a pair of black skinny jeans just because I love these jeans!!

Hope you are all having a nice day!

Lots of Love

x x

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

What's On My Face

So I was experiementing with the snow white and the huntsman palette I got a few days ago. You can see the swatches here.

I made a gold/bronze/brown smokey eye, kind of a go to eye look for me! Here it is.

Oh and yeah there is more purple in my hair!! It did all fade back to blonde by the time I was off my holiday, but I miss colourful hair too much not the have it back!!

Products Used,

Snow White and the Huntsman Palette
Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation - Ivory
Barry M Eyeliner - Black
Essence Lengthening Mascara - Black
Rimmel Lash Accelerate - Black
Sleek Blush - Pixie Pink
Barry M - Natural Dazzle Bronzer
Collection 2000 Lip Cream Puff - Cotton Candy

Lots of Love

x x