Monday, 22 April 2013

TRESemme Restructuring Deep Conditioner - Review

After a few twitter talks on #bbloggers and a few tweets to TRESemme, I decided to buy the TRESemme Restructuring Deep Conditioner. With this I found an affordable deep conditioning mask that has really worked wonders for my hair. After bleaching it and turning it purple, I noticed me hair was getting a little brittle and dry, especially towards the ends. It even started to break off a little *sobs* Ultimately this was my own fault, but I'm a sucker for changing my hair.

This is a huge pot of conditioner that  has added pro-vitamin 5, which can penetrate the hair and give long lasting moisture to your dry tired locks.
After some serious bleaching sessions I decided the best way for me to use this would be to put a load of it all over my hair (especially the ends) and leave it on for around 20minutes. After washing it off I was left with shiny healthy looking hair. It was soft and manageable and really easy to brush!

However I did notice the next day my hair went greasy faster then usual, I have very oily hair at the roots. The added moisture from this conditioner probably made me produce too much oil on my hair, making it greasy.

I still continue to use this, but I tend to concentrate it on the ends of my hair, and leave it on for two minutes. I dont use this any more then once a week either. Just because it seems to be doing a good job with using it this way. Ive noticed less breakages and it always looks healthier after using it. I will definately be purchasing this again when it runs out. But I would say the size of this tub Ive got a while to go yet!!

Lots of Love

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