Friday, 12 April 2013

The Neon Trend

The neon trend might just be my favorite trend ever!! However as I am pretty much shy with my clothing (looking the other day I noticed alot of it was black grey and white) I had no idea how to pull it off!

I saw this skirt on A Daisy Chain Dreams blog the other day and loved it. Its a perfect bargain at £5, pushed me out my comfort zone, and threw me foot first into the deep end of the neon trend.

I may be totally terrible at taking pictures of myself in clothes but this is a super cute skirt. I pulled this up to my waist to wear it as a mini skirt. This was it falls to the middle of my thighs and I love it. I feel ready to go out and strut around in a pair of high heels!! However this is also easily worn lower down and covers up a bit more!

Here I am trying to spin and make it all big and floaty! I love this skirt just wish I could show it off better!!
I think the best thing about this skirt is it cost £5. So I dont feel too bad if I just wear this inside and Im not brave enough to go out in it!! Where-as If I got something a little more expensive and decided I couldnt brave the neon look then  I would have wasted my money!!

You can purchase this skirt here -

Have you dared to try the neon trend?

Lots of Love
x x