Sunday, 14 April 2013

Simple Derma * - Review

I completely forgot about this little miracle cream until recently. I used this many years ago and was impressed with the results but for some reason when my eczema was at its worst I forget it even existed.

Im glad to say I re-found this product Im happy to share the results of it with you!

As I was obviously not a fan of my eczema I dont have any photos to share with you of what it was like, there are a few in this youtube video if you want to see how bad it was. Skip to around 6 minutes to see the pictures.

My eczema had gotten pretty bad its was spreading all over my legs and feet and got really bad on my arms. It made me hugely upset and hated the way I looked. Especially as I couldnt get my arms out anymore, that was one area I never had to worry about before. After years of using steroids I knew for me, they did more damage then good. So I was glad when I re-tried this got got brilliant results.

 I got sent this bottle by Simple along with a cream in a smaller size that I could take around with me. I really forgot how great it was. It instantly soothes and hydrates my skin. When I first applied this my skin was sore and cracking, as is the curse of eczema and this sting and itched like hell. Im not joking here, this was full on painful for me, for roughly five minutes after I put it on. I always felt like washing this off. All I can say is Im glad I stuck with it, after around three days I noticed when I washed, small grey dead particles of skin would come off, revealing fresh new clean skin underneath. This has carried on for me now until I can honestly say unless you looked closely you wouldnt be able to tell I have eczema. After 2 weeks there was no sign of eczema on my arms. There is still no sign unless I get rather hot and then you notice red spotty areas, but these soon fade when I apply this.
Within three weeks the improvement to my legs way beyond anything I ever expected. I mean Im still covered in scars and there are the odd few dry bits and stubborn 'spots' but on the whole I could get my legs out and not feel embarrassed or like Im making people sick with my scaly flaky legs. Its so nice to be able to do small things like shave my legs without worrying about the effect it will have on the skin, or wear shorts with tights and not have to worry about them being so thick you cant see through them. My boyfriend can run his hands over my legs and I dont have to feel like he's touching some horrible monster. Its amazing how much better you feel when you find something that helps relieve your eczema.

I have to say this is a very inexpensive cream to try if you have eczema, and it may make all the difference to you too. If you have dry skin give this a whirl too although it may be too much moisture for your skin so try it maybe every other day!! If you are in any doubt about whether this actually works, look at the pictures in the video and then, look at any of my recent outfit of the day posts. You will see the skin of my arms is clear.

What are your wonder eczema products?

Lots of Love

x x