Thursday, 18 April 2013

Provoke Touch of Silver Twice a Week Shampoo

When I bleach my hair I always look for a good purple toning shampoo to help get rid of those lingering yellow/brassy tones in my hair.
Ive tried a few brands but this Touch of Silver shampoo is the one I always go back to.

 The Touch of Silver Twice a Week Brightening Shampoo is very multipurpose as far as I am concerned!
When I first bleach my hair I always shampoo my hair with this and leave it on for 5 minutes. Its a very dark violet shampoo that foams up a dark purple. Its so scary when you first use it because you are worried about it staining your hair purple. However if you follow the instructions it shouldn't happen. This takes out all those yellow tones in my hair and makes it a pale blonde. Its like having a mini toner in a bottle. It has saved my hair countless times! I then would use it once a week to keep my blonde a dazzling bright colour rather then fading and becoming dull. That is the pain about blonde hair, it really goes dull fast! This just brightens up and livens the hair when used once a week!

The other uses it has are it can help take you from that light blonde to a white blonde pretty easily. I put a load of this on my hair and leave it in for 20 minutes (I usually watch something on netflix while I'm enjoying a soak in the bath) and the violet pigments neutralise the yellow in your hair. This can be really helpful when lightening your hair for pastel colours (like I have recently going a lilac colour) or if you just want that platinum white hair. I then leave it a week and then use it every wash leaving on for no longer then 2minutes to help maintain that white colour.

If you already have white hair this can then be used to add a purple tinge to the hair. Its not an obvious purple bit there will be purple tones. Basically use this every time you wash and leave it on for 5 minutes plus. Its can help add that purple sheen to your hair. However if your after purple hair please check back because I will be telling you all how I got my hair purple soon!!

As a shampoo I really like this, its not too expensive, around £4 and helps combat any kind of trouble your having with blonde hair. Threes also a less intense version that can be used every time you wash your hair just to liven it up, but not change or alter the colour.

What do you use to save your blonde hair from brassy tones?

Lots of Love

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