Saturday, 13 April 2013

Nspa Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel and Body Scrub - Review

I suggest you go and smell these two beautiful smelling products and you will realise why I love them!! There is so much more to say about these 2 Nspa Pink Grapefruit products but right now that citrus, fresh smelling scent has me hooked!!

 Honestly the smell is so bang on. I dont think it could be any better unless I was cutting into a pink grapefruit.

The Nspa pink grapefruit bath and shower gel is a really luxurious feeling product. A little bit goes along way, this foams like crazy!! I had a bath full of bubble before I knew it!! Im not really a bath person but once a week I will be soaking in this its wonderful! When used in the shower you only need a really small amount to wash your whole body.
The smell also lasts much longer then I was expecting. For hours after having a bath I could smell it lingering in my bathroom. Its so sweet and citrusy its lovely to smell when walking around. It also lingered on my skin for around an hour which I felt was a pretty long time!!
The Nspa Pink Grapefruit scrub is amazing too it has real fruit extracts in which I suppose is why the scent is so strong in these two products. The scrub has tiny visible 'black' scrub particles but has a fair amount of finer scrubbing agents in there. I dont know whats in there but I do feel Im having a good daily scrub. This is in no way harsh on my skin either. It does feel too bitty for everyday use but its bitty enough to feel like its doing its job.

Both of these combined give me a relaxing refreshing bath and a feeling of being well and truly squeaky clean. I picked these up on offer in asda for around £5 for the two and I will definitely be buying them again!!

However these may not be the best is you have eczema. Thankfully mine has calmed down so much its almost like I dont have it any more, but this did leave an itchy feeling where Im still experiencing slightly sensitive skin. So do be careful. Its more the scrub then the body wash, but it is worth taking into consideration!

Whats your favorite smelling body wash?

Lots of Love

x x