Thursday, 18 April 2013

Im Not Wearing A Blue Polyester Shirt

What number am I on now?! Who knows!! Today was really casual. Pawl spent the night out with his uncle and I really missed him. It was nice to have him back this morning. We quickly left the house and visited my mom and dad for a few hours! It was really nice to see them.

So heres what I was wearing!!
The bracelets are made by myself.

This top was from Primark it used to have quite a high neckline and some tassles on the sleeves. However like many of my tops lately I cut it up to fit my style!! I wanted a really nice American Flag top for years but never found one with a print that I really liked. This one I love :)
Heres a closer look at the neckline I cut in. I might even cut the sleeves so that band of white isnt showing. So the front of the sleeves will just be part of the flag.
On my leggy leg legs I wore a pair of skinny jeggings, these are just simple black ones I also picked up from Primark. They were very inexpensive and have lasted a while. I will say with the jeggins in Primark you really need to go up a size. But these have lasted well and the black dye hasnt faded off them either.
I wore a tan biker style jacket, its not real leather and I got from Matalan years ago. But they always do these kinds of jackets every year. Its pretty much a staple style from Matalan. Its very fitted and I have it two sizes bigger so I feel comfortable moving about in it.
I love the weather is getting warmer and I can get out my smaller coats! Hope your all enjoying the warmer weather!

Lots of Love

x x