Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How To - Lilac Hair

Lilac hair, is probably my favorite hair colour ever. I always find it really easy to get, despite what people say about it being a really hard colour to get.

Whenever I change my hair colour I always do it myself, whether Im after that perfect pastel lilac hair, or a deep chestnut red. This way *if* it goes wrong, I can only blame myself, and because I know what can go wrong, I tend to me more accepting of it, if it happens!! Like having orange hair while in between bleaching o_O

But onto my guide on how to get lilac hair!

First off you need really light bleach blonde hair, as light as you can possibly get it. If you bleach your hair and it is stuck at that yellow stage go and get yourself a toner. You can either use a toning shampoo (like Touch of Silver) and leave it on for an hour or so, or go get yourself a white toner from directions. Im recommeding Directions here because it is the best brand of colour dye Ive used, that doesnt break the bank and can be found in alot of places.

Once you have a very very light blonde (Im talking close to platinum here people) you can start with the lilac process.
 I use Violet from them. Its the darkest type of purple they do, and the reason is, its much better to make your own lilac colour, then use the tub of lilac hair dye and it still doesnt take. This has happened to me many times, and I dont tend to buy the light colours anymore. I go for the full on dark and bright ones then just tone them down.
To create your own lilac 'dye' you will need, some sort of tub, your violet hair colour and shed loads of conditioner! I used all of the conditioners that came with hair dyes, and some cheap stuff from asda. Using white conditioner is the best here so go grab yourself one of those 50p bottles from your local supermarket! Put all the conditioner in a pot and then add your Violet hair dye bit by bit. I really do mean bit here. Take small pea sized amounts and add them bit by bit. Everytime you add some conditioner you want to mix it up and check the colour. You want to make it slightly darker then the colour you want on your hair, but not by much.

You can see the colour I made it below.
You then want to slap this all over your hair wet or dry I find both work the same really, make sure everything is covered and keep any spare in your jar/tub.

Leave the mixture on for anything between 20 minutes to an hour, it doesnt really matter how long, the longer you leave it the longer it may last on your hair.
ALWAYS make loads of this stuff, seriously fill the tub, even if you have short hair. Because your lilac hair will fade quickly, most pastel colours do (apart from pink, I find pink can be a big pain to get out) you can then use this once a week and leave it on for 10 minutes to 'top up' your lilac haired goodness.

And that in a nutshell is how I get my hair lilac! By no means am I a hairdresser so please seek advice if you want to do this to your hair, or like me say 'what the hell' and go for it, then turn up at your works district head office and try to explain your purple hair to your area manager!!

Have fun, please ask my any questions about this!

Lots of Love

x x