Friday, 26 April 2013

How To - Chocolate Brownies

Who doesn't love a good old chewy chocolate brownie?!

I know I do! Ive got a simple recipe for you, to help make scrummy yummy brownies!!

What will you need?

150g Dark Chocolate (extra is optional for later on I got 2 100g bars)
1/2 Cup (around 100g) of Unsalted Butter (as I cant eat butter I used a soya alternative)
2 tablespoons of cocoa powder (I used a malteaser kind!)
1 Cup (200g) of white sugar
1 Teaspoon of vanilla extract (I used  half a teaspoon of maple syrup instead to make it really gooey)
3 Large eggs
3/4 Cup (around 95g) Flour (I used self raising)

Optional 50g of chocolate broken up (I just used my left over chocolate) and a tiny pinch of salt.

Ready for easy to follow steps?

1. So start off by measuring out what you need, my little Russian doll measuring cups help me, they were a gift from a friend and are so useful because they have cup measurements written inside them! Makes everything so much easier!!

2. You will need to melt your butter and chocolate together!

I melt mine in a jug over hot water, it means you wont over heat the chocolate or butter. I also mix everything into this jug as it makes pouring out the mixture easy. I'm all about making baking easy! Just remember to keep stirring while everything is melting so nothing stays on heat for too long.

3. When everything is melted add in the sugar and cocoa powder. Then stir.

4. You will be left with quite a gritty looking mixture. Its then time to add in your eggs. Add the eggs one at a time and after adding each egg stir and mix up the mixture really well before adding the next one.

5. Finally add in the flour. Then mix mix and more mixing. The texture will still be pretty gritty but it should be smooth and fall off your fork/whisk not be  sticky gloopy mess!!

6. Add in your chocolate chunks for extra chocolate goodness and your maple syrup (if your following my recipe, or the salt and vanilla if you wish to add them)

7. Place in an oven proof dish and cook on 200 degrees for around 20-30 minutes.

8. Check your brownies if you can place a knife inside and pull it out and your left with a few moist crumbs on their, your brownies are ready, if theres alot give them a few more minutes. Leave them to cool down and then cut up your brownies!

 And then you are ready to serve and eat them!

These are so yummy you get that classic crispy top, a nice chewy inside and it makes a good amount depending on how big you cut the pieces. I opted for bitesize chunks!


Lots of Love

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