Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter Sunday

So how was everyones easter? Did you all enjoy a long easter weekend? I actually spent most of it at work. I managed to have easter sunday off which was great because pawl was off too!

 It was actually a bit odd because I forgot it was easter sunday until I took to my computer and saw some blogger posts on it! Such a fail!! Although as soon as it dawned on me, I decided to make a huge roast for me and Pawl!!
But during the day I made the most of  having some time off and wrote some blogs and took some pictures. Heres the makeup I used for a fresh faced kerri. Super easy and Ive been using it pretty much since to make me look more awake, glowy and spring fresh and ready!! Im so ready for warmer weather, Im hoping spring time makeup and spring time clothes will encourage the sun to come out!!
 Pawl sat down to play some skyrim and being the brilliant guy he is, he managed to multi-task and check the football results for his football team (they won it was all very glorious Im sure)
 While all this was happening I had started the dinner and decided to crack out the new beads and make some bracelets. Im still in the experimenting stage, but Ive got some new beads on the way and fingers crossed I will be making things to sell soon.
 Finally our roast was done, lots of lamb, my first attempt at roast potatoes, some yummy minted peas and loads of yorkie puds each!! Yummy Yummy.
 Then pawl produced the one easter present that was off his nan. I got a bit confused being given a sellotaped tube of smarties, but inside she put £5 of 20p's!! It was such an odd quirky present!!
Me and Pawl ended the day just relaxing and watching t.v. It ended up being a really nice easter even if we did forget it was easter, because we managed to spend a whole day together just being together. Its not often we have days off together, so it was nice to see more of him! I do miss him!

Hope you all had a lovely day.

Lots of Love

x x