Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dainty Doll Blusher in You Are My Sunshine

Dainty Doll was set up by Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud fame, as a makeup range for all her fellow pale gal's out there.If you are of the pale of the pale and look like snow white, this may be the makeup brand for you!
I got this little beauty on Fragrance Direct, which as you probably know from my haul, sell alot of Dainty Doll items for £1.99. Thats hugely reduced from the £13 or so you would normally pay for this blush!

 I really love the design of the box, its so cute and girly!!

I even love the classic black packaging with gold writing on. Im all about simple classic design when it comes to packaging. There is only one major problem I have with this, it's that the name of the product isnt anywhere on here, so if I do forget the name of it, thats it. I just know the shade number. Please Please Please Nicola (if you read this ever) put names on your dainty doll blushers!
 You Are My Sunshine, is an orange based coral blush. There is an undertone of pink in there, so it will slightly warm up the face. It also has a gold shimmer running through it, which gives a lovely glow to the skin.
You can see the orange tones in here are not too full on and with a light hand it can appear slightly peach coloured. I would say this is perfect for adding glow to your skin on the high points of your cheeks. Especially if like me you are worried about applying a shimmery bronzer, because it may look too 'dark' or 'orangey'. It has a lovely soft texture, isn't chalky at all, and you only need a small amount for some good colour pay off. I like that the gold reflective particles in this are not a chunky glitter but a subtle shimmering highlight. I think this is a perfect blush for us pale girls!

Lots of Love

x x